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Hello there, long time no see.

I'm posting this here because I'm a youtube viewer, and I don't really attend to streams.

I guess I'm late to the party but not too much (Phil is at around 70% of the story) but ehi there's still time.

Time for what you might ask. welll...


I had the chance to watch the playthrough, and I have to say, I'm not surprised by what I'm seeing, and I think I should remark something I actually pointed out back during early stages of the Rise of the Tomb Raider playthrough


that continuous mashing of the survival instinct button though.




My main point is, using it the way you do it's both good and bad.


good because you're showing what the random TR player would do to in order the get the best outcome: mash R3+Square is not just the easy way, but the most convenient.

I also wish to tell you you're spot on when you say that, while the game is full of collectibles, most of the skills you can earn by spending the points you get from collectibles are useless and there's little chance to even make use of them. you'll see what I mean in a few sessions.


on the other hand,  It pains me to say that seeing this on video makes the playthrough almost painful to watch sometimes.

I mean, Phil, you in particular do not need to mask R3 every second. In fact , you can still get most of the collectibles without ever using using it. you played and beat more games than we ever will.




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OH and I forgot to mention this game has a beatyful Deadly Obsession mode, which has no checkpoint outside of those you make by using the campfires.

Also, no survival instinct or enemy awereness icons.


A NG+ main story only run with that difficulty level could be an amusing ideal for a rage-a-thon ;)

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