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Dark Phoenix (2019)

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Reactions - 3 Ups And 7 Downs (What culture)

1. Keeping Jessica Chastain A Mystery
2. Nicholas Hoult's Beast
3. It Looks Better Than The Last Stand

1. It's Mostly Just Boring
2. Sophie Turner Cannot carry This Movie
3. The Complete Lack Of Money Shot
4. The Cast Looks Tired
5. Repeating Beats From Previous Movies
6. Downplaying The Space Elements
7. The Music 

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Dark Phoenix Trailer: 9 Reasons To Be Worried

1. The Trailer Basically Confirms THOSE Plot Leaks

2. It's Simon Kinberg's Directorial Debut

3. Jessica Chastain Will Probably Be Wasted

4. Nobody Asked For A "Grounded" X-Men Movie

5. Sophie Turner's Dubious Acting Skills

6. The Totally Bland, Boring Visuals

7. Magneto Goes Evil...Again

8. Those Horrible New Costumes

9. It's Scarily Reminiscent Of The Last Stand

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