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Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

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12 hours ago, TubeLube said:

Everytime I bring up an alarming problem like the bugs or the quest being broken you guys kinda be like

I hadn't bothered responding to you before because, ironically, you completely ignored the points I made and questions I asked regarding how some of your points were inflated or strange (how the combat "sucks" even though it's pretty much Fallout 4 w/VATS changed) or false (servers being trash.) You're only response was essentially "Trust me, I've done tons of research."  So that is why I hadn't bothered countering your points; I figured you'd just ignore them again.

12 hours ago, TubeLube said:

it really speaks to what gamers are ready to buy just from false hype of a video game.

Yikes. The old "You only love it due to hype" line. 

I'm a huge Fallout fan and have been since the original game. However, I was very skeptical (to put it mildly) of Fallout 76. I was even considering waiting until after release to buy it but a friend convinced me to get it to try beta.  Once I got to play it myself and do the co-op I really enjoyed it despite it's glaring flaws.

I knew someone would go the "Fanboy!" route as is common anytime someone defends something that is being slammed by the masses. I'm afraid to say that I'm a poor fanboy as I've repeatedly told people to NOT buy the game for various reason (in this very thread) and that the game does have a good number of significant problems (in this very thread.)  Sorry Todd.

13 hours ago, TubeLube said:

And heres the kicker, unless there is a major update soon, you guys wont be playing this game in December, ill put money on it you wont. The people you're playing with are gonna finally eat that buyers remorse and are gonna quit and then thats when youll realize how hollow this game is when the few dedicated people you have playing with you are gone.

I was going to agree with you that I won't be playing this game in December but then I realized it's about a week away (fuck, probably should start Xmas shopping) so instead will disagree as I probably will still be playing. Will I be playing in January? Maybe, but probably not. By then I'll almost certainly have gotten 60+ hours out of it, far more then I get out of most $60 games, so I don't anticipate any buyer's remorse. 


13 hours ago, TubeLube said:

as a responsible consumer

HAHAHA, oh God please stop


One other thing you keep dragging up is how bugs/flaws/etc are ignored because "Oooo big map!" and "ooo random thing!" I've not once done that. A big map means fuck-all if there's nothing interesting to see. I've been impressed with the size of this game specifically because it's both large and filled with interesting locations, full of cool set pieces and clues about what happened there.  You love using the word "random" but that implies there's no rhyme or reason for the places you find or that these areas are thrown around without any thought to them and that just is not true. I've found that the only people who've said there is no story in the game or that the game is "empty" are those who don't listen to audio logs or read the terminals... or haven't actually played the game.


I do think it's important that people are informed about a game before they buy and KG and myself have talked a lot about the positives, so I think it only fair I hit on some of the many flaws Fallout 76 has. These are some of the issues I've identified as someone who has done a lot of research by playing the game for 30+ hours:

  • Stash limit is far too low. They confirmed that they are increasing it but no word as to when or by how much. This is compounded by the
  • Shit UI, especially on PC. This causes a few headaches but most particular with
  • Inventory management. There is a ridiculous number of items and item categories. Even with current tabs and filters, there needs to be more of them. For example, Aid should have, at MINIMUM, sub-tabs for Food, Water, Drugs, Raw resources (uncooked meat, berries, etc) with filter options for hunger/thirst, heal amount, etc. Also, for the love of CHRIST, let me sort every tab by TOTAL weight. Been asking for this since fucking Oblivion.
  • Bugs. Luckily I've not gotten hit by a ton of them but there are plenty that need to be fixed. The worst ones that I've experienced are; CAMP getting deleted, zoom bugginess, shared perks unsharing seemingly at random. I've also gotten 2 quest bugs, 1 I couldn't complete at all which is now fixed I believe and another that I didn't initially get credit for but did when I re-joined the server. I do know that there are other quests that are having issues and were NOT fixed with this Monday's patch.
  • No social structures beyond the 4 person team. I mean this both in terms of as communication system (think, guild chat, etc.,) and a physical meeting and sharing point, like a guild base or camp.  Both of these undermine the strong "Play with your friends! Be social!" angles I feel this game was pushed on.
  • No NPCs. This doesn't bother me much as I like the idea of having just come out of the vault and most of humanity has been wiped out and we have to rebuild. The problem I do have is that they undermine this theme by having a good number of people who survived the blast re-building already... but then all of THOSE people are dead for various reasons with one being the Scorched thing. It's like... pick one? Also, while having few human NPCs is fine, having ABSOLUTELY NONE doesn't make sense. It also ruins any kind of "Go find this person" quest as you already know they are dead. Anyway, while I'm not bothered by lack of NPCs, it's a HUGE sticking point for a lot of people and I understand why.
  • Need a larger CAMP size limit. 

There's PLENTY more but those are what I'd consider the major issues. These are legitimate issues that absolutely need to be addressed. However, myself, my friends and others are enjoying the game despite that because for us, the vast majority of the time we're not having problems; we're having fun. If you enjoy survival games, enjoy a focus on exploration/leveling/looting, like the Fallout world AND think you can enjoy the game despite some glaring flaws, I'd say get Fallout 76. If you want to mostly play solo, do not care for crafting/building, want a story/quest driven experience, and/or have a low bug tolerance, I'd say to NOT get Fallout 76 or, at best, wait for a deep discount.

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52 minutes ago, Phil said:


I agree. But what about you and Fortnite?  Because I remember you pretty much hated the game and everybody that played it.

And @VertigoTeaparty whatever you said because its a little TL;DR for me, if you enjoy the game thats great. I do not care at this point of our back and forth though. I dont find a story that you run from one holodeck or terminal to the next, a feature that usually compliments the story not make the whole thing up, very fascinating. I do not find running through one perpectual "fetch and loot" quest that makes up the entire game very fun. The game without friends seems utterly pointless when Fallout 4 is cheaper and better as a singleplayer experience. I feel the only reason the game is playable because you're with friends not because of the actual game. Many things are broken and the game at the end of the day is fucking completely boring to me and many other people. Doesnt matter how long you type, its not going to change my mind. Hope you enjoy your purchase though.

This thread has pretty much turned into "my opinion is the right opinion" and the game really isnt worth the effort or time to argue about since the game is already losing steam as far as even being worth talking about.

Can we close this thread mods @SilentWarrior25 or @MasterOfAwesomenessTheres no point of keeping this thread open anymore. Thank you.

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No it shouldn't be locked as long as everyone is civil.

So I heard some guys at school discussing the game. Apparently theres a PvP protection that is completely broken. You can only do damage to another player if both players have fired on eachother.

Meaning if you shoot another player that player is invincible and could just walk right up to your face and shoot you in the face with a shotgun. They are at no risk of getting killed until they pull the trigger so they can wait until they have an advantage.

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