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Thoughts on "State Of The Stream"?

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So uh... Im in utter shock. Shocked in several different ways. So for those who didnt watch the stream let me bulletpoint all the things laid out.

The reason Phil was kicked off Curse was because trolls kept mass flagging him and the network didnt have enough manpower to review each individual flagging incident. So they drop him. He did nothing wrong and Curse actually enjoyed his time there.

Though State taxes are taken care off DSP had to pay the Tax Attorney $5,000 and the taxes which were $5,000 via credit card which maxed out. He has no money left to pay Federal Taxes.

In serious threat of losing his house. He cant move because he doesnt have enough money. Cant sell it because he doesnt have enough money. He could refinance it but doesnt have enough tax information and time paying taxes to do so. Doesnt know what to do.

Elderly parents are sick and want to see him. Doesnt have enough money even though parents offered to pay the trip, he cant stop streaming and leave because he doesnt have enough money.

Wishes to marry Kat and get a pet. Doesnt have enough money.

And the big one. Needs $16,000 before April or hes done for. Thats not a typo. $16,000. Hoping for a miracle from either a better opportunity in streaming or from fans donating more.



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I'm not going to try to debate here if 'Curse' did dropped Phil because of the incapability of them to review the 'flagged content' due to lack of manpower, but what I will say is that it is known or believed that at the time that they dropped Phil, 'Curse' started to let partners go, not just Phil. Apparently it was the time when 'Curse' dropped the majority of their content creators.

I don't know what they told Phil, I wasn't there. I only have the information he gave, but maybe they dropped him because of other factors, even if they told him that was because of false reports. This is just a possibility, I'm not asserting anything, just like no one on here can do either.

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 I just dont get how Phil gets into these big financial situations every year. I mean despite all the Youtube shit hes had one of the most profitable years in recent memory. At the top of the year when he had that Tax Stream Marathon and made thousands of dollars, what happened to that? Did it go to moving Kat in the very next month? What happened to the thousands Tut gave? What happened to the surplus of money from tips and donations this year? I understand the trolls are a thorn in Phils side but eventually its going to narrow down to Phil being bad with money, and im not sure throwing more of it is going to help in the long run. If hes always at the cusp of losing his house than the reasoning is simple, hes living outsides his means and needs to downsize.

I cant believe he is hoping on a miracle to happen. Thats not very smart to throw yourself into that hole every year because eventually the fans are going to get tired of bailing out a grown man all the time.

Then hes known this for months and strategically waits until Thanksgiving DAY to tell us all this because he knows people are going to be more giving. Thats distasteful. Throwing in his elderly parents and marrying Kat is even more distasteful.

$16,000 is alot of money. Phil needs to do something other than throwing his financial problems on his fans.

Phil likes to say the trolls create drama. No. These types of things he does and says creates the drama, they just exploit it.

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I would assume that all the surplus of money would go to pay all the debts that he has, but is still not enough. That is the logical reasoning if the premises he gave are true.

The question of "if he is bad with money" is never going to be answered unless you know the exact numbers, which no one here is going to get. Maybe he's great with money but has a large debt, because of several reasons. Which apparently, one of them was that his attorney screwed up. I find it unreasonable that he's so 'bad with money' that he's at the verge of losing his house, just because of that factor.

The fact that he did this on Thanksgiving day could be interpreted like you did, but maybe he did it for convenience. I know the previous assumption sounds like a very biased statement to defend Phil, but we don't have the evidence. As for talking about his parents, it would be distasteful if it was a lie, if it's not a lie, then I don't find it distasteful. Although I find it mildly strange for several reasons, but again there is no evidence.

As for the 'throwing his financial problems to his fans': he's explaining the situation to the viewers, that might not be able to enjoy his content because he may not be able to do it anymore. He's on the entertainment business, it's the people who give him the money, whether by tipping, donating, buying merch, cheering, or viewing his content, if there is ad revenue. I find it normal to some degree that he talks about this, as for how often he talks about it, that's another question.

And finally, when you say that about the drama, there might be some truth to it, but I've seen some supposed 'detractors' straw man Phil on several occasions, and sometimes even making absolutely false claims. Other times they just make unjustified assumptions, which are valid, but still, with the intent of slander.


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Phil just wants the ideal best case scenario without having to make sacrifices. There's no way he's going to make $16,000 in the next few months. And it's not likely he will be able get a loan or refinance his house. He could defiantly try but it's a long shot.

But what baffles me is his excuses for not selling his house. "I can't afford a move". But you're waiting for a miracle of $16,000? How about instead you raise money to afford a move? That's way more feasible then raising money for your taxes. Problem solved.

And I could care less of the streams are in 1080p 60fps. A room with a door and a decent internet connection is all you need to stream.

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