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Handling Patreon & Twitch Subs Better

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Hey @PhiI , I had a small suggestion for you can better handle Subs and Patreon pledges so you're not inadvertently making people feel obligated to do both. For Twitch Subs I want to suggest something another streamer I watch does for his sub goal, 12 hour streams. The streamer I'm talking about has his sub goal event as a special 12 hour stream and it never changes. Doing this would give you a special event that Subs make happen without requiring Patrons to vote on anything, because it can be whatever you decide. If you must do a poll there are methods you can use to let only Subs vote on it. One is a Strawpoll-like service that you can set to require a Twitch log-in with a sub to your channel. ( https://streampoll.tv/index.php ) The other is an overlay that connects to stream chat; just boot it up, make the poll, set chat to sub-only for the poll and you're good. ( https://poll.ma.pe/ )

For Patrons, I suggest having Patreon goals again just smaller ones. The reward for hitting them can be either a Patron's choice playthrough or one of the marathons you like to do where the Patrons vote on what's played during it. For example, the current funding level shown on your Patreon is $614. Set the goal at $650 with one of those rewards and just let people know about it. Once it's hit up to $700 then $750 and so on in those smaller increments.

Doing this would make them separate but still give good benefits to everyone no matter which way they choose to support you without feeling like they're missing out. It would require you to leave goals up for longer rather than require that they be hit within a month, but that's how you get natural growth.

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