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Mileena! FATALITY!!     x_X

I'd say Black Panther takes it.

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and newcomers.  Welcome to today's main event. Today's matchup is:                                                     Exodus                                   

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Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and True Believers,

Welcome to today's main event.

I give you:

Graviton.thumb.jpg.f8b4e6a30324cb11bfd8dfa256865776.jpg                                                        Icon.thumb.jpg.50835303177b471113825b5960468d36.jpg

Graviton vs. Icon



Real Name: Dr. Franklin Hall

First Appearance: Avengers Vol. 1 #158 (April, 1977)

Origin/Backstory: Dr. Franklin Hall was a scientist working at a private physics research facility called Research City in the Canadian Rockies on a practical teleportation device. In the midst of an experiment, Hall attempted to align a set of matrices and induce teleportation, but only succeeded in overloading the power handling capacity of his equipment, causing an explosion that intermingled his molecules with the sub-nuclear graviton particles that were being generated in a nearby series of companion particle accelerators. Recovering from the accident, Hall discovered that he could mentally control gravity. At first he tried to hide his vast powers, believing he would be shunned as a freak of nature, but the urge to use them was too great to resist, and soon Hall used his abilities openly. To his pleasure, people began to fear him, and he started to take whatever and whomever he desired.

Here are his powers, abilities, and skills:

  • Gravitikinesis: Graviton possesses the ability to mentally manipulate gravitons (that carry the attractive, gravitational force between atomic nuclei), enabling him to control gravity. He can surround any object or person including himself with gravitons and anti-gravitons (particles similar to gravitons but with opposite charge and spin), thus increasing or decreasing the Earth's pull of gravity upon it.
  • Graviton Manipulation: Graviton can exert his gravitational control over a maximum distance of 2.36 miles from his body. Thus, the maximum volume of matter he could influence at once is 55.0585 cubic miles. He once exercised this control by lifting into the air an inverted conic frustum-shaped land mass whose uppermost area was 4 miles across, and causing it to fly as though it were a dirigible. He can also erect a gravitational force-field of similar proportions. (Graviton can perform as many as four separate tasks simultaneously. (He has not only lifted a 4 mile wide land mass as high as cloud level, but he has also surrounded himself with a force-field, gyrokinetically held most of the Avengers against a slab of rock, and projected force-bolts at Thor all at the same time). Graviton can use his power at maximum capacity for up to eight hours before mental fatigue significantly impairs his performance, and considerably longer (up to eighteen hours) if he conserves his energy during that time.
  • Flight: By decreasing the pull of gravity beneath him, he can fly at any speed or height at which he can still breathe. However by using his force field generation he can also breathe in space.
  • Movement Impairment: By increasing the pull of gravity beneath his opponents, he can pin them to the ground, having made them too heavy to move, or cause sufficient gravitational stress to impair the normal functioning of the human cardiovascular system.
  • Graviton Attraction: He can also cause an inanimate object (such as a 1-foot diameter rock) to radiate enough gravitons to give it its own gravitational field, able to attract nearby matter and energy
  • Graviton Blast: By rapidly projecting gravitons in a cohesive beam, he can generate a force blast with a maximum concussive force equivalent to the primary shock wave of an explosion of 20,000 pounds of TNT. If concentrated enough Graviton can exert his power to level a whole city.
  • Force Field Generation: He can also create a gravitational force field around him capable of protecting him from any concussive force up to and including a small nuclear weapon.
  • Graviton is an experienced physicist.



Real Name: Arnus (birth name)/August Freeman IV (legal name)

First Appearance: icon Vol. 1 #1 (May, 1993)

Origin & Backstory: Born Arnus on Terminia, he eventually joined the galactic council known as the “Cooperative”, where he was essentially a lawyer. After adjudicating a very disagreeable situation, involving the criminal Oblivion he took a vacation. On the interstellar pleasure cruise line however, the ship came under attack, and he was forced to crash land his already damaged pod on the nearest planet, Earth.  Arnus crash landed on earth in 1839 on a cotton plantation. His life pod recreated his body by duplicating the DNA of the nearest life form, a black slave woman. As a human infant he learned the local language and the caste system of slavery based on skin tone. He grew to love his earth mother Miriam. Arnus later discovered he had superhuman powers and immortality. He used his powers secretly to lighten the load of his fellow slaves and aiding a resistance movement dedicated to freeing slaves known as the “underground railroad”. Here he bid his time in hopes that Earth’s technology would catch up to his own allowing his ship to be repaired. By the time he was fifteen. slavery was abolished and he took the last name “Freeman”, he also fought in the Civil War against slavery.  Due to his mutated Terminan body, he has virtual immortality, which he has managed to keep from the public by assuming the identity of his “son” throughout the years. Following the War, he attended “Fist University” where he studied law and “passed the bar’ in several states, thus able to support himself. This allowed him to retrieve his pod. During a time of great artistic renewal known as the Harlem Renaissance, he met and fell in love with Estelle Jackson, and they later married. After the disappointment by the era’s unfulfilled promise they left the country, living as expatriates in France. During World War II he fought with the allies against Nazi Germany in hopes that the united front against racial segregation would lead to more racial unity in the Americas. After the War, he and his wife returned to America. Racism reappeared even more fervently than before, though in 1964 under Martin Luther King Jr. blacks gained “legal parity’ with their white brethren.  With his wife’s encouragement he increased his heroics though he never went public, this lead to rumors of a “mystery man”. During this time, they also realized their genetic incompatibility prevented them from having children. In 1977 his wife died of cancer; This left him even more emotionally distant than before as he now lived only to return home. He blamed himself for her death since he knew his pod could have saved her if he had known how to fix it in time. He moved to Dakota, away from Harlem to escape the memories and pain of his wife’s passing.  He threw himself into his work and kept eyes on Alva Technologies’ which was very close to being able to repair his ship. His law firm grew to one of the most successful in the country. He became the personal lawyer to Corporate leaders, senators and the upper crust of American society. Under the guise of Augustus Freeman IV, he met Raquel Irvin who was one of a group of teens who were trying to rob him. In her he saw the same impartiality of his dead wife Estelle. This same girl would later convince him to don a costume and become “Icon”. He then became the Dakotaverse’s premier superhero, essentially their “Superman”.

Here are his powers, abilities, and skills:

  • Unique Physiology:  Icon's lifepod altered his DNA so he would resemble a normal human being, thus enabling him to blend among Earth's natives.  A side effect of this process was the maximization of his now human/alien genetic structure. Thus, Icon possesses a variety of superhuman abilities that are unusual even for a Terminan.
  • Vast Superhuman Strength: con possesses vast strength due to the maximization of his DNA and alien heritage. He can lift over 100 tons effortlessly. Due to his alien heritage and the maximization of his potential as a human being, he has near limitless strength shown to at least be equal to Superman. At one point, he punched Superman out of the Watchtower 50ft into space. Later, Superman admitted that nobody including Darkseid ever hit him that hard.
  • Superhuman Speed: Icon's top speed is unknown, but he's shown to have comparable speed to Flash and Superman.
  • Superhuman Agility: Icon can move from place to place in the blink of an eye. His agility, balance, and bodily coordination are far beyond the natural physical limits and capabilities of the finest human specimen.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Icon possesses the ability to think, move, and react at superhuman speeds. Icon's reflexes are superior to those possessed by the finest human specimens.
  • Superhuman Stamina:  Icon's body also generates fatigue poisons at an incredibly slow rate, granting him superhuman stamina in all physical activities.
  • Flight: Icon flies by manipulation of gravitons, manipulation of magnetic fields, control of his absolute molecular movement, and utilizing his superhuman speed. His top speed has not yet been determined.
  • Enhanced Senses: Icon possesses superhuman senses.
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell
  • Enhanced Sense of Taste
  • Enhanced Sense of Touch
  • Enhanced Mental Perception: Icon possesses a Genius level intellect, and is highly resistant to all forms of mind control and probing. He can sense and comprehend things on levels that exceed human capabilities.
  • Invulnerability:  Icon possess nigh-invulnerability, he can withstand: high-impact forces, high-caliber bullets, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury.
  • Accelerated Healing: Despite his near invulnerability, it is possible to injure Icon. However, he can recover from most wounds with astonishing speed. It took just days for Icon to heal from the chest wounds inflicted by Payback.
  • Self-Sustenance: Icon can survive in harsh environments without air, food or water, and his bodily evacuations aren't needed. He's also able to survive unaided in space.
  • Positron Manipulation:  Icon can create, shape and manipulate Positrons. Positrons are the antiparticle or the antimatter counterpart of electrons. The subatomic particles have the same mass as an electron and a numerically equal but positive charge. When a low-energy positron collides with a low-energy electron, annihilation occurs, resulting in the production of two or more gamma ray photons. Positrons are involved in many of the physical phenomena that involve electrons such as electricity, magnetism, and thermal conductivity. Positrons also participate in gravitational, electromagnetic and weak interactions. It is unknown just how powerful Icons' positron energy is, as it has never been used to its maximum potential.
  • Concussion Force Beams: Icon can release positron energy from his hands as bolts of concussive force. A low power force bolt can flick on a light switch, but at maximum power the amount of damage is unknown.
  • Stun Bolts: Icon can project low-energy positron bolts that render human beings unconscious by disrupting the electrical impulses in their nervous systems.
  • Energy Enhanced Punches: Icon can focus positron energy into his fists, which he can then use to shatter any substance, and increase his strength.
  • Energy Pulse: Icon can produce a surge of positron energy (from his hands or entire body), which can disrupt technical technology.
  • Energy Constructs: Icon can create constructs out of Positron energy.
  • Omnidirectional Energy Waves: Icon can release all of his body's positron energy as massive positron waves in ever direction, causing devastating damage. 
  • Force Field: Icon can use positrons to create quasi-solid energy fields to entrap opponents.  By expanding his field in every direction, Icon can generate a devastating pulse of positron energy.
  • Positron Field: Icon can detect the presence of Bang Babies within his vicinity by flooding an area with a field of positrons.  The field interacts with the invisible quantum well surrounding a Bang Baby, who then glows as he or she gives off mild gamma particles. Icon can use these fields to distinguish Bang Babies from other meta humans as well as normal humans.
  • Terminan Physiology
  • Decelerated Aging: Icon possesses extraordinary longevity, enabling him to age at a vastly slower rate than that of human beings.  Hence, though centuries old, he appears to be no older than forty. Icon's lifespan is usual for a Terminan and is the only power that is not the result of his genetic maximization.
  • Law: Icon is among the Cooperative's most celebrated mediators. He has extensive knowledge of the Cooperative legal system as well as decades of experience in his chosen field.  Icon is an equally adept corporate lawyer due to his mediator background and a century's worth of experience in American law.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Icon is also a formidable combatant, whose fighting skills rival those of Superman.  Icon is well trained in unarmed and armed combat, having fought in major conflicts ranging from the Civil War to World War II.  Some opponents underestimate Icon's abilities since he tries to peacefully settle disputes before pummeling his foes.
  • Multilingualism: Icon is fluent in English and Galactic Standard, the native language of the Cooperative


  • Icon Costume:  Icon wears a costume composed of alien materials that grant him further protection from projectile weaponry, energy beams, and intense heat or cold.  On his command, the Info Tool aboard his starship uses its Maker to construct Icon's costume over his civilian clothing (see Transportation).  When no longer needed, the costume is disassembled, converted back to energy, and stored in the Info Tool's structural files.

Battle Breakdown:  IMO, this is an interesting matchup.  Two immensely powerful beings going at it.  One is able to manipulate gravity itself, the other can manipulate positrons.  This is going to come down to the one who makes the biggest mistake.

As always, who do you guys think will win?  Graviton or Icon?  I hope you guys enjoyed this matchup.  PEACE!!!


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Just now, MoraMoria said:


That one, the alien that came to Earth and changed his appearance adapting itself to the closest human... I remember that I asked you if he'd be able to modify his body again and I believe you told me that no.

I cannot find my post where I asked you that...

Don't worry about it man.  It's alright.  Did you enjoy the matchup at least?

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