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What do you guys think of Jablinski Games?

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Jack Blacks new gaming channel Jablinski Games has 2.8 million subscribers and already  20 million views with only 3 videos, 1 of which is actual content.


His first video is only a few minutes but goes way back and shows the roots of how gaming started. If this is his approach to his channel, im cool with it. There are way too many gameplay channels out there and I think theres a big market to being a gaming historian with a comedic twist.

Anybody else watch him?

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1 hour ago, Amityville said:

He looks like a hobo. Just sayin...

Who cares what he looks like? Im not watching him to look at the worlds handsomest man. Watching him for comedy and gaming content.

And for a hobo he's awfully fucking rich.


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