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Zombies Revenge "Have you guys played it?"

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Hey dudes!:smile:

I recently played a good ol' arcade style, horror beat 'em up game, on the dreamcast and dreamcast emulator, called zombies revenge. It might be kinda kooky for some people, but it is kinda fun and scary too.

Despite the slighty clunky controls, the single player game, is alot of fun. Especially if you're playing multiplayer with others. And I plan on playing it again this week, since the last time I played it, I had alot of fun and reached past, the creepy, yet annoying mansion stage. :cool:

Yep. Anyone who has played this game, will tell you about the annoying sewer and mansion levels.:tongue:

So have any of you guys, played the zombies revenge game?

And if so, who do you guys like to play?

What strategies do you guys like using, to defeat the bosses and annoying pesky enemies?

PS: I'll be playing it again this week, in order to get re-aquainted, with the game. And hopefully, I beat the entire game this time. And I'll try and post, some of my tricks and strategies, for defeating those pesky zombies too.:biggrin:


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