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possible metroid prime echos playtrhough?

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The metroid series are ALL great games (not you other M) and as phil already has played metroid prime 1, it feels like a great opportunity to continue with the next games in the series.

metroid prime: Echoes is another mastepiece following prime 1 and i believe this is something both phil and us would have fun playing / watching. 

sure, it's hard...     its the dark souls of the prime series, but isn't that half the fun?

What are your thougts on this and is it something more people would like to see? 


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I liked the first game way more. It was really adventurous. But I wouldn't mind seeing him play Metroid Prime 2.

However, he did mention a few times, that he didn't think alot of his fans, would want to see him, play through Metroid Prime 2. But if there is demand for it, he might probably play it. But then again, it's even possible, he might think about playing it, during/for some of his "chill streams."

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