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give Left Alive a fair chance

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You were excited for the game and then drop it nearly instantly because someone tells you not to play it, that it's shit, when the game isn't even out?

Isn't that hypocritical, weren't you talking (on twitter) against such behavior?

Most people hate on it only because it doesn't look like a 100 millions AAA game. If it was the same exact game but was associated with Kojima everyone would be hype for it. Death Stranding so far looks like a shit game but people are still hype for it. People and you like Undertale and that also "looks like shit".

At least give the game a fair chance and look at reviews and final gameplay.

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The gameplay looks good enough from what I've watched, very stealth based, very MGS1 like.

And most importantly, it looks difficult.

Yes, lots of people will hate it because it's not another pretty cinematic walking simulator. If it had REmake2 graphics (and cinematic over the shoulder camera) everyone would be hype for it.

If nothing else it might be good for down time (rage) streams like Dark Souls is now.

Many of the complaints I see are from morons who only complain about the graphics, but they are acceptable.  Before the game was out people complained about it being a cover shooter. But now it looks nothing like that and looks mostly stealth based.

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7 hours ago, Focus52 said:

Maybe i should be it, what plat forms is it on, god sir?

PS4 and PC

It's hard to get a good picture of the game when half the people cry about graphics and the other half cries about gameplay, but didn't play it and only judge it by the trailers or streams or sound like it's too hard for them. When I looked at the streams the people were playing like idiots. From the trailers people expected it to be an easy cover shooter. Now it might be Dark Souls of stealth games. :blink:

It's a survival stealth game. You have to be careful about plannig your route and actions. You look for resources and have to be careful how to spend them.

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Unfortunately, it probably wouldn't be a good game for Phil now.

It's very difficult. You can't brute force it and just run past enemies like in DS, MGS or RE. You have to carefully plan your steps. Can't just tranq everyone and walk past them with no effort or mashing attack and roll. :dry:

Phil now likes playing slower, easier games. Not something this hard. The stream would be on the level of his first DS run.

Maybe he can pick it up on sale to play it on down time for rage streams or events.


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Left Alive Includes Nods to Half-Life, World of Tanks

Players on the Steam version of Left Alive will be able use Gordon Freeman's trusty crowbar to help them survive.

Square Enix held the third Left Alive live show stream today, showcasing more gameplay, including Wanzer battles, and revealing some pretty neat things about the game.

Most notably, Square Enix revealed Left Alive is having a collaboration with Valve’s Half-Life. The steam version of the game exclusively will allow you to find and use doctor Gordon Freeman’s iconic crowbar.

World of Tanks too is having a collaboration with Left Alive. Players who get the game digitally on PS4 in Japan will be able to find various posters and items featuring World of Tanks. Getting these items will also allow you to read information on many Russian tanks, like the IS-7. They stressed out you won’t get an amazing reward like a pilotable tank if you get all these items, and it’s just a bonus thing for military otaku who might be playing Left Alive.


LEFT ALIVE World of Tanks collaboration

- World of Tanks icons are shown on the backpacks carried by the protagonists of LEFT ALIVE.
- LEFT ALIVE players can view information about the tanks that can be controlled in the World of Tanks game from the database.
- Posters and billboards for World of Tanks can be seen in LEFT ALIVE.



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