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Any Project Justice/Rival School's fans out there?

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Hey dudes. I played Project Justice this evening. It's lots of fun. And I went through the training mode, because I haven't played these characters, in long while.:tongue:

There are also, alot of new characters in this game too. That chair person girl was fun to play.:biggrin:

Now I'm gonna try and learn, Yurika the violin girl and the ninja girl called Zaki.

Then, I'm gonna have some fun, and play through the arcade mode. And hopefully, unlock the other characters too.:biggrin:

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I beat Project Justice's story mode, with the Taiyo high school team last night. Batsu, Hinata and Kyosuke. Boy was that tough. And that last boss was ridiculously cheap. Now to try out, the other school team stories.

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This week, I finally beat normal arcade mode. It was tough. And that last boss Hyo was too cheap, even on easy mode. Thank goodness I beat the arcade mode. Yay!:smile:

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