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Which RARE franchises, would you like to see, make a return?

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So Rare made a ton of great games, throughout the 80's, 90's and beyond. And they're really famous, for making and working on, a ton of great games for the snes and N64 console.

Eg. games like Donkey Kong, Star Fox etc.

They worked on the famous, James Bond 007 Golden Eye FPS.

And they even made their own games, like Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and many more etc.

And the famous sci fi shooter game, alot of gamers want a sequel too, called Jet Force Gemini aka Star Twins.

So my question is, which of your personal favourite franchises, created by Rare, would you definitely like to see, make a return, or have a sequel too etc?


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For me, I would say, Jet Force Gemini aka Star Twins and the Banjo Tooie Kazooie games.

And I think it's time, Joanna Dark made a return, in a new Perfect Dark game too.

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