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So who do you guys like playing, in SF3 Third Strike etc?

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Okay guys. I will admit, like alot of gamers, I am not a fan of the Street Fighter 3 series. I'm more of a Street Fighter 2 fan. Moreso SF2 Championship Edition and SF2 Hyper Fighting.

And despite SF3 Third Strike being known, as an overrated fighting game, it is kinda fun to play.:biggrin:

But I will admit, I like SF3 Double Impact (dreamcast), a bit more than Third Strike though. But anyways, here's my question.

So who do you guys like playing, in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, or in any SF3 game?

PS: And ya gotta dig that SF3 Third Strike, character select theme song. Time ta get it on!:biggrin::cool:


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On 8/25/2019 at 11:10 PM, MoraMoria said:

Oh Maximilian, I heard that he likes this game a lot. I still haven't checked out any of his 'fighting games' videos/streams.

Check them out whenever you have time.

Yovideogames is his other channel, where all of the doods get together, to play fighting games and other types of games.:smile:

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