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1 hour ago, FloydMayweather said:

I dont mind them, but why not use a facecam? the slideshow gets boring to look at.

Do you keep looking at the pictures? A slideshow with static images will get inevitably boring if you look at it long enough, as for the facecam idea, I believe Phil addressed it already several times, don't remember the exact words though.

It still would be cool if he did, like a 'IRL' stream everyday, but that's on him.

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I hope he gets, more cool wallpaper pic art, for his pre-streams. It's always cool, when a new one that we never saw before, just magically shows up.

Hermano Carl and the others, moreso Hermano Carl, do some really great artwork for Phil.

Phil is blessed to have fellow gamers and viewers, do some amazing artwork for him. It's nice that he appreciates, their hard work.

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