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Why does Larry Bundy have against Phil (and can it be punished legally)

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Question for the forums about the beef that Larry Bundy has against Phil, and why he has an animostiy towards him despite Phil not doing anyhtign directly?



I have not to edit right now but am willing to do so via

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uh, that happened years ago. Do they even still have a beef with each other?

I think Larry hung around here at one point if I recall and he and Phil were on good terms. Phil did some voicework for Larry's video(s) at one point too and I think he mentioned wanting to help Larry with his channel. After Larry's channel became popular he turned into a shithead.


If there's more to the story, I have no idea.


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Basically, why so many people started to hate DPS is:

Gaming is full of autists and fucked up assholes, because of escapism. See how many fucked up SJWs are in gaming. He insulted games, those retards like, and they got triggered. You can see this on the comments to his YT videos and from the detractors. Those retards can't take a joke. If you insult their favorite toy, they want to see you dead. They are fucked up pieces of shit like SOK and other detractors. These autists can't handle someone being toxic (a normal person saying what he thinks), the word that detractors (aka easily triggered retards) like to use so much. That's why the most popular streamers are: always positive, brain dead puppets, with no personality.

When AVGN shits on games, it's games no one likes. (even though the flaws he lists can be found in popular games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid or Megaman)

Other reason was, that he could make good views without editing videos. That triggered other youtubers who had to edit their videos and acted how it's a lot of work posting one edited video per week.


here is Larry Bundy's comment, from this troll video about this issue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUNHzYqApWw :

But his "editing" rant is hilarious...

 I like to think of YouTube as a craft fair, people making things etc.  like there's the pottery section,  you have one guy that has made a bowl,  another has made a vase, there's someone else who has made a really nice water jug...

...But then there's Phil on the end in his own little world, throwing a lump of clay on the table and saying "there, it's done".  30,000 plus lumps.   Then whines why no one wants to buy them.  "I threw it , that's effort, I'm too busy to sculpt them, I have a bad back that I won't get fixed - yet I still like to whine about it, you're just jealous PPFFFFFTTTFF".

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18 minutes ago, Focus52 said:

ZThat's [email protected] awesome dude, Phil got to voice act in cartoon!



Wow! I just checked it out.

That was some really cool voice acting from Phil. His voice really fit the character well. And he made it believeable too.

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I love Phil's voice in this, he would be a great voice-actor! I wonder in which games would his voice fit the best...

How about for the next "Grand Theft Auto" games? No NPC, of course, but the main mafioso-character who ends up joining the crew.

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