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So I finally played Puyo Puyo Fever (dreamcast/reicast)

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So after many years, I finally played the famous Puyo Puyo Fever. And it is alot of fun.:biggrin:

I ended up beating the RunRun course, and then the WakuWaku course twice, on normal mode with Amitie.

My second run of the WakuWaku course, was much tougher. That stinky annoying cat boss (no spoilers) was tough. She plays cheap and literally cheats alot. I thought this was supposed to be normal mode? Lol! But luckily, I ended up defeating her again.

Now I'm planning to play, the HaraHara course, with Amitie's rival Raffine, which is a bit tougher and see her side of this cool story.

I definitely rate, this dreamcast game highly. It is alot of fun.:biggrin: 

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Okay. I beat it again late last night. Boy that cat boss is tough. But by luck, I was able to defeat her, really quickly. Now, for the HaraHara course.:biggrin:

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