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Donkey Kong dropping inputs - solved

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It was too suspicious that DKC dropped jumps for @Phil always at the same place.

I decided to test it. It looks like the platforms are inaccurate. On the picture you can see where the platforms actually end. If you do one more step you'll fall and when you fall you can't jump. You would think it dropped your input because you had still some platform left. You can see it's especially deceptive on the jungle levels. When you fall you first slide which looks like you are still running on the platform and you think you can still jump.

I bet this happened in lots of other games that were dropping jumps, especially on the same places. (Mario Sunshine comes to mind)

btw this is why you experiment and test out game mechanics, especially when something is going wrong


Playing this game myself shows how incredibly difficult and especially BROKEN it is. I constantly clipped through platforms I should have landed on. I was getting hit when it shouldn't hit me. Playing with the frog was especially bad, it clipped through alot and often wouldn't jump (probably because of these broken deceptive platforms). The level design is pure bullshit. It's designed so you have to die multiple times because there's bullshit coming that you wouldn't expect at all. And even when you know what's coming you have to react fast. The timing on the mine cart level and the moving barrels is brutal. It's surprising how well Phil can play it on the first try.

People were laughing at him for years for complaining that it's the game's fault. He was actually right the whole time.

He should make every detractor play these games.

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That's so silly. They shouldn't laugh, because those old Donkey Kong games, were always known, to have tons of bugs and glitches.:laugh:

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I just downloaded it to test it out, this is the first time I play a 'Donkey Kong' game.

It took me 32 minutes to get to the "Stop & Go Station", the one with the red-eyed lizards, and until then I had 2 silly deaths, (I pulled a 'kamikaze' as I rolled to an enemy and fell down the cliff, and also I missed a platform by a millimeter), 1 with the frog, (I clipped through the edge), and 7-8 in the mine cart, (Mostly on the 'V' shaped rails and upwards, where you think you would make the jump).

I'm not good with games, but I can see playing this one fluently once you adapt to its mechanic; don't think that enemies/character/platforms 'hitboxes' are a problem once you adjust to it. The one and only real obstacle that I see is getting a 'Game Over' screen, in which case I believe you have to backtrack to the last save, (The monkey-girl stall), that's why Phil started using 'save states'.

Once you use them, the game becomes extremely easy, you can replay the level continuously as many times as you want, (As you don't backtrack and lose progress), and you'll eventually win, either by luck, 'trial and error' or memorizing the entire stage, (Which basically ensures victory on the mine cart level).

I personally don't like him using 'save states', but I can understand why he does, and his reasoning, (Most of the people don't want to see him replaying the same thing over and over).

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1 hour ago, MoraMoria said:

It took me 32 minutes to get to the "Stop & Go Station",

Besides the mine cart level the game is still easy enough. The bullshit starts soon after Stop & Go Station.

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