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So what's your take, on these Battle Royal styled games?

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Okay fellow gamers. So there are quite a good amount, of battle royal styled games out there. And alot of gamers (not all), seem to be crazy about them. Eg. Paladins, Apex Legends, H1Z1 etc.


Question: So what's your take, on these battle royal styled games, and the whole battle royal craze?


Do you think, alot of people pretend to like them? 

Do you find them fun, boring, overhyped, overrated etc?

Do you think it's a fad, that might die out as time goes, or probably sooner? Etc.


Lets hear your thoughts, roll out on this dudes.:biggrin:

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There is already a lot of opinions and analysis of why games like these became popular, specially 'Fortnite'. In this case, it tends to come down to these factors: it's free, the requirements for it are easily achievable, it has appealing visuals for a large demographic and it has a new feature, (the building).

Other major factors, that apply to 'Battle Royales' in general, are that they're obviously multiplayer, competitive, and big content creators choose to play them, (because of the initial 'hype' for them, amongst other things), and once big 'streamers' touch these, the popularity rises and feeds itself, until it touches the ceiling, and starts dying. Then is when it comes for another one to take the spotlight, like 'Apex Legends'. This game provides other game-mechanics, new visuals and overall atmosphere, but also, new features, like the special abilities, (which I think, are pretty cool, as a concept, and as a way to take the game to a new level, adding more challenge as well as flexibility to the match, since the tables could be turned at any moment because of the ability component. In essence, more potential for trying different strategies, something lacking in traditional 'Battle Royales' like 'PUBG', for example).

How much longer will this game genre be popular? There's a lot of variables to take into consideration, and I don't think anyone can safely answer that question, but I believe that even if it dies someday, it'll rise again: it's an exploitable genre, easy to stream, and like it or not, it's fun, at least for a great percentage of gamers.

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading the game, (it's free!), have interaction online, make new friends, become the new trend, and more important... have FUN! [Brought to you by: Apex Legends™]


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I agree. The whole battle royale thing, is really kinda cool.

And it is a genre, where if it somehow does die out, or easily fades in popularity, it'll easily make a return to popularity, a few months later.

In my case, I'm one of those gamers, who don't play/buy games, based on a popularity poll, or because it's the latest trend. If it looks like fun, then I might play it.

It's also kinda obvious, that the battle royale genre is really overhyped. And a good bunch of people (not all of them), famous, semi famous or not, who play these type of games, are only doing so, because it's a popular fad trend. And it brings in, lots of viewers and fake viewers.

I will admit, I've never played battle royale games before. But I might one day, because they look like alot of fun. Especially the whole multiplayer thing.:smile:



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The whole battle royale genre is okay. But it's a bit too overhyped though. I might play one, one of these days, when I see a battle royale game, that suits my style.:cool:

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