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While looking through the fan art, I found an image of an updated streaming set up that would improve quality for both streamer and viewer.  Anticipating where this set up might be said to be untenable. I include the following points:

1) The modem can stay exactly where it is.  All that is needed is perhaps a longer ethernet cable ( the cable that connects the modem to the PC ).  It's probably time to upgrade to a Cat 7 anyways as Cat 7 cables are capable of reaching up to 100 Gbps at a range of 15 meters ( ~49ft ).  As the updated set up moves the tower a few meters away from where it is now this is not a problem.  Cat 6 cables can technically support speeds up to 10 Gbps up to 55 meters...guessing the same cables are being used since moving in, so ...yeah, that's a thing.

2) Moving the laptop table to be in LoS ( Line of Sight) of the TV would allow for greater chat interaction as there would no longer be any need to turn Away from the game to Look at chat.  I realize that he does not watch other streamers and feel that this is why he seems confounded by people in the chat commenting on his low chat interaction.  Most other streamers have their chat in their LoS ( or a glance away ) which allows them to constantly be able to see what is being said, thus they can react in a timely fashion.  

3) Having the desk chair facing directly at the window would eliminate the lighting issue encountered when PC gaming. 

4) Moving the portable AC unit to the other side of the window would eliminate any previously stated fear of the laptop being overly chilled.  Most server rooms are chilled to 65-70F.   As I am fairly certain the portable AC Unit is not set to cool the room to below 65F  there is little danger of over chilling the laptop. If, though not a stated concern, condensation becomes the worry, I believe the unit is attached to the window with a flexible hose and could easily be angled to face in such a way as to even remotely be blowing directly on the laptop.  Additionally, most AC units have adjustable directional airflow baffles that could be angled to blow upwards, further negating any fears.

5) the updated setup allows for the instillation of the green screen which could be moved to behind the desk chair if needed.

6) Moving the loveseat to this new position would allow space for one or both of the green screen lights to be placed in the room for more professional YouTube video lighting*.


* I realize it is continually said that YT is 'just an archive'. The continuance of making dedicated YT video intros and outros says otherwise. An archive of a stream would be just that, posted footage of the stream, period.  Streams are literally brought to a screeching halt for the recording of YT video intros that more often than not repeat close to word for word what was said to the stream audience moments earlier.  YT viewers are not going to feel slighted if the video of an 'archived stream' does not contain a dedicated intro addressing them...stream viewers, however are watching the stream Live because they have the time to do so.  Wasting said time rehashing what has already been said....on stream...for a YT video...that is to be posted as an Archive of 'the stream'...It is hoped that now, it is not to difficult to see why people have made 'YT is just an archive' into a meme.    


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22 minutes ago, dsfan324 said:

ALL of these are not only addressed, but explained as to HOW they work in the OP.


as to Number three in this post of why it would not work,

 His mic is Directional meaning it would NOT easily pick up the sounds of the AC behind and to the side of it unless the AC has a broken fan blade that clatters about...or is of such poor build quality as to be exceedingly noisy*.

* I record with a $20 directional mic I bought at Walmart in 2013 sitting directly in front of and barely 1 meter away from my window unit AC that blows into my room from it's perch in the window.  Can't hear it at all.

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1) I see no point in upgrading to CAT 7. Even if his router supports it, the extra bandwidth is almost never going to be utilized. Unless there are other valid reasons, that upgrade would be entirely unneeded. 

2)  Having chat close by and easy to read definitely makes it easier to keep up with, which is why many (most?) stream from a desk with a multi-monitor setup, even for console games. My understanding (and I could be wrong here) is that his laptop is to his side and down. Perhaps he could get a stand or put something under it to keep it at eye level. 

As an aside, I do want to say that playing a game, providing commentary, and keeping up with chat can be difficult. Some folks are great at it but it isn't as easy as it looks. I've been streaming for over 3 years and, while I have improved a lot, I still struggle to stay on top of it, especially if people are being especially chatty. It's a skill that all streamers should work to improve upon but it's not as easy as just making a conscious decision to be more responsive to chat.

3) Also, blackout curtains. The ones I have are pretty good and are about $20 for a panel. As an added bonus, they help a bit with your sound treatment.

4) I know you aren't arguing the point, but cold isn't going to hurt a laptop, barring maybe the monitor(???) The only thing I could possibly see being an issue is the AC blowing moisture onto the computer but even that's a stretch. Maybe if the AC was incredibly close to the laptop, chilled it, you turn off the AC, and then the laptop heated up quickly it could get condensation, but even that's fairly iffy. 

7 hours ago, ElectricSheepDreams said:

His mic is Directional meaning it would NOT easily pick up the sounds of the AC behind and to the side

Not sure what mic he uses but this may not be the case. I have a Blue Yeti, use it in Cardioid mode, and it still picks up sounds behind it fairly easily. Granted, the Yeti is a fairly low-ish/mid tier mic, but it can still be a problem. If he has a nicer mic it may be a non-issue. If it's a problem, it could be possibly be worked around by dropping the gain and moving the mic a bit closer to his mouth.

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