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Viewers' Choice Event Nominations Thread! Summer 2019

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Hollow Knight (PS4, Switch): Fantastic metroidmania with extremely fluid controls/animations, thoughtful level design with some calling it the best "2D Dark Souls" out there. Very atmospheric.

Valkyria Chronicles (PS4): Great blend of real-time 3rd person shooting and RTS elements set in a unique WW2 inspired JRPG world and scenario.

Ace Combat 7 (PS4/Xbone): Solid arcade flight shooting game with great controls, a surprising amount of variety and a decent story set in a semi-fictional world.

Cave Story + (Switch/PC): One of the most critically acclaimed indie titles out there, has a very solid Megaman-esque gameplay with fantastic story and characters that are masterfully unveiled to the player.


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Wow. Looks like there's this one guy who really wants Phil to play Bionicle: Heroes, with all those clone accounts...

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4) Dead Cells (PS4) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch) My Friend Pedro (Switch) Luigi's Mansion (3DS) Monster Hunter World (PS4) Hollow

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Kingdom Come Deliverance (Xbone or PS4)

Wasteland 2 (Xbone, PS4, or PC)

Divinity 2: Original Sin (Xbone, PS4, or PC)

Oblivion (Xbone, PS4, or PC)

Mario 64 (Nintendo Wii U or Switch)

Fallout New California (PC Fallout New Vegas mod that is its own game)

Knights of the Old Republic 2 (preferably with the restored content mod if PC is possible, otherwise on Xbone)

Europa Universalis IV (PC)

Medieval 2: Total War (PC)

Rome: Total War (PC)

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    Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

    Thrown into dimensional flux from an apocalyptic cosmic impact, the planet AETHER has become a battleground between the peaceful and enlightened LUMINOTH and the transdimensional ING horde, a terrible and corrupted form of life. With Aether on the brink of collapse into the Dark dimension, Samus Aran must turn the tide in the gruesome war to save the Luminoth from extinction...and find answers about the shadow that stalks her.

     The dark, difficult and complex middle chapter of the Metroid Prime trilogy.


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3 hours ago, SilentWarrior25 said:

God guys, you're giving Phil so many choices already. I approve, continue flooding here :3

I'm disappointed that people are recommending so many terrible games to Phil. I'm pretty sure he made it quite clear that he only wanted the smuttiest hentai suggestions.



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14 hours ago, SuperGameWarrior101 said:

I do want to advise that if you do plan on playing Mafia 1 on Xbox, get a physical one so that you can play it on your Xbox 360, if you still have it of course.

If Mafia on Xbox is anything like it is on PS2 than getting the Steam version would be the best choice. When I bought Mafia 1 on PS2 years ago I thought my copy was counterfeit or something it was so bad.


Midnight Club 2 (PS2, Xbox, Steam)

Saint's Row 2 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC version is kinda crap)


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