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A weird coincidence leading up to how DSP got a copyright strike from Atlus

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I know it's been two years since DSP got a copyright strike from Atlus, so this is really late to say. However, with DSP finishing up Persona 3 and Persona 5, and with the Persona franchise getting a lot of fame after P5 (Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night, Persona 5 the Animation, Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth, Joker as a DLC character in Smash Ultimate, and also Joker appearing as a playable character in Catherine Full Body), I might as well tell a little funny story that happened before the copyright strike incident.

On June 14, 2017, one week before the incident, I was having fun with some of my friends on iMessage. I was sending them some P5 art and memes, and I told them that "someone's gonna die." It just so happened that June 16, 2017 was the release date of Cars 3 in theaters. You know, the movie where Lightning Mcqueen died! I had a feeling that the children that would see the movie would be scarred for life, so I did a little role playing as a Phantom Thief and told my friends that I was gonna send Disney a calling card so that they would cancel the movie. Here's what the calling card said, if anyone's curious

"Dear Disney and Pixar, the cancerous vermin of the film industry. We know how you love scaring little kids with your terrifying scenes and putting dirty innuendos in your movies. We all know you only make these films because you only care about money and nothing else. You're also guilty of making people turn into furries with your anthropomorphic movies like Robin Hood and Zootopia. That's why we've decided to steal your distorted desires and make you confess your sinful crimes. This will be done tomorrow, so you better be ready. From, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts."

However, this was only a joke and I never actually sent the calling card to Disney. It was just me having some fun. Nonetheless, one week later on June 22, 2017 DSP got a copyright strike from Atlus despite the fact that he followed their rules regarding Persona 5. He got so mad at them that he swore to never ever play any more games from Atlus ever again. As far as I can tell, I don't think that he plays Smash Ultimate anymore and rarely plays 3DS games (now that the 3DS is dead), so I'm only hoping that he plays Catherine Full Body since he already played Catherine from 2011.

That's the whole story! That's all I can say for now.

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He's not playing "Catherine" again. The question was raised several times over the course of several months and the answer was that he's not interested, because the puzzles, story and plot will be the same, with a little bit of variation, which is not enough to consider a second playthrough. Paraphrasing him.

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If he truly doesn't want to play Catherine Full Body, then the only other game as of now will be Persona 5 Royal in 2020. It's like Catherine Full Body in the sense that Persona 5 Royal is also a remake of the original Persona 5 with some new things. If he wants to play that, all I can hope is that Atlus doesn't do that copyright strike thing all over again just like Persona 5.

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