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Card Shark: New online card gaming channel!

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Hello again! I'm not sure whether this is suitable for the Gaming section, but here we go anyway.

I wanted to mention my latest project, Card Shark - it's a YouTube channel about my personal experience of the online card gaming genre. There are a lot of OCG projects out there, but I wanted to cover the genre from my own perspective, and go in a direction that is personal to me.

Anyway, the channel is online right now, at http://www.cardshark.tk (or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXfmSZHIPJ6WaWUojorkIg if the short URL doesn't work!). I'm aiming to cover all the major games, like Magic and HearthStone, but eventually also the lesser-known ones, like Gwent.

So! If you like card games, please come and check it out. And, if you like what you see, please consider subscribing to the channel; that way, you'll be notified when I update.

The channel is very small at the moment, but like with most YouTube projects, it will grow over time. Having said that, I can't stress strongly enough that this is a very personal cause, so if you're looking for a hardcore card gaming resource, this isn't it. It's a one-man project, told from a personal perspective - but if that sounds like your sort of thing, we'd be honoured to have you.



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