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READ THIS: Serious, workable suggestions from someone 10 years your senior.

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I  have regular, Tried-&-True workable solutions that I and countless others have successfully used for making ends meet.  Before this is waved away, I will state that I am over 10 years your senior and these methods were past down to me by my father, who was the sole bread winner in my childhood home.  He was also self-employed, but unlike you did not receive a lump sum payment on reliable date each month.  Now, since you have other varied income streams that will more closely reflect the position my father was in outside the monthly payment I still feel that the advice he gave to me will be even more helpful as unlike my father you can track the amount you will be receiving in your Twitch, Yt and Patreon paychecks to plan accordingly.    

1. A Household Budget

2. Overdraft Vs late fees on utilities

3. Payment date adjustments

We start with the easiest, making a Household Budget:

Take the average cost of Bills of three months of each Season ( Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter ) [ Month1+month2+month3=x   Divide x by 3= C]

Now take the highest average income of those same months [ month1+month2+month3=y  Divide y by 3= I]

I - C = B ( your Household Budget )  B= the money you can spend on Food, transportation ( ie gas and  car maintenance such as oil changes ), clothes and 'entertainment'.  I place entertainment in quotes and last in the list as it a Luxury that should be eschewed FIRST.  Entertainment includes eating out at restaurants and driving outside of transport to work.  The best way to manage B is to cut up your ATM cards and withdrawal this amount in cash on a predetermined day each month.  This is ALL you are allowed to spend that month ...PERIOD.  If that means one doesn't have any cash left to go to the grocery store and has to resort to eating only peanut butter sandwiches until the month is up then that is what one HAS to do. 

Now, you already have one foot ahead of the curve in that you enjoy pasta.  This is a relatively inexpensive food item that is also filling.  Rice is my inexpensive staple that I go to when making my food budget.  You will need to make a Food Budget.  Deli bread and Deli salsa and frozen-preformed burgers are most likely things you are going to need to cut from your grocery list fin the first two weeks of the month as well as lettuce and tomato for sandwiches I fear until you figure out a workable food budget.  IF you have money left in the 4th week...you should have money left to pay your bills on time. This will be a Win/Win! 

2) Overdraft Vs late fees

I've paid utility bills late.  They will not cut of your electric after a month or so. Internet.....more important to pay as that is a Luxury.  They will NOT cut your electric for several months of non payment as it is a necessity.  You do not, however wish to push it past four months unpaid.  My power bill has the amount I will have to pay IF I pay late printed on my bill ( it has been done so on the bills in the four States I have lived in ).  This 'late charge' is much less than the overdraft charge you have stated on stream.       At this point I will state that my late fees for paying a Comcast Internet charge was  markedly less than the $35 dollar overdraft charge you have stated your bank charges.  I would behoove you to pay the late fee over the overdraft charges.


3) Payment date adjustments

After changing jobs where I found myself being paid once a month, I needed to change the date where my bills were due.By giving proof of income payment ( ie dated paystubs ) I have been able to change the Due Date of ALL my bills that I placed on Auto-Pay to coincide with my paycheck having cleared.  Does this take a bit of effort on one's behalf?  If sending a letter with the relevant documents denotes 'work' than yes.  Itwas, however a one time expenditure of my time maybe taking up an hour to address the envelopes as I printed out identical Form Letters enclosing copies of identical documents to each.


By figuring out what your monthly Budget is and adhering to an allowed spending plan in the first year, you  should be able to pay your bills without over drafting your account as there should be money left in there as using the highest three months earnings should cover a low month.  Cutting back spending outside of bills ( ie grocery/ eating out ) should avail more funds until such time as a working Budget can be ascertained. 




I'm just going to say this right now.  If I get banned for it...so be it....but....IF one doesn't have the money in their account to pay their bills on time....one doesn't have the money to go out to eat...Period.  I remember going out to eat every Sunday.  I also remember not going out to eat on Sundays where we didn't have the money to do so.  I remember my mother hiding a little doll in cabbages at dinner to get us kids excited about only having rolled up cabbage to eat.  I remember eating peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.  I also remember always having lights and heat in the Winter and going to camp in the Summer.. 

TL;DR  Figure out how much the bills are and DON'T spend that.  IF one has the money to spend on Overdraft charges AFTER the bill due dates than one could SAVE up that money by NOT spending anything other than was absolutely neccessary extra and saving as much as possible by when the bills were due next month... plus a sizable extra amount ( the overdraft fees ) left over that have been being spent each month.  This is how the early stages of fixing a Budget works.  One CUTS everything to find out what one has left over.

...this means Netflix and all that such.  There are FREE services to watch movies on like Vudu or YT...time might be better spent watching YT and other Twitch channels to learn about the changes that have taken place that you are unaware of having decided to not watch other content creators these past eleven years. As a 'full-time streamer', one feels it would help if one spent a modicum of time learning how the platform has changed and by doing such be able to evaluate the current trends first hand instead of finding one's self a *cough* week or more late relying on one's channel chat ( who are telling you things based on their watching other channels who are already garnering views streaming things they did their homework on ).   I'll tread a branch lighter and risk a total bann by saying you should watch PewDiePie's YT Minecraft eps to help out your playthrough of the game and learn how a successful content creator uses a decade old game to successfully boost his business...IF, you have not already realized that the ten year old YT Day One release model no longer works in this day of pre-release copies being handed out prior to release date and that either a bit of off stream time must be set aside to seek out the non-triple A games that have the best chance of being a winner ( as numerous 'small streamers' have done to their benefit ) or deciding to cater to your more generous niche jrpg fans....or, could just keep on keeping on...watching numbers dwindle on both sides of the fence the more vanilla things become.


Other suggestions could be placed below,,,though I expect a ban and wipe of this post.

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