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Just the Facts: YouTube plans to make sweeping changes after $170m FTC fine

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During the prestream it was brought to @PhiI 's attention that YouTube would be making changes after being fined $170Million by the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) for COPA violations.  While he waved off this well meaning admonishment from a stream viewer (who knew his history of being uninformed) calling it "just a rumor"  while allocating blame to channels such as Logan Paul, Markiplier and PewDidPie, it is true and has nothing to do with either person while not understanding that the ads he sees on these videos ARE targeted toward him and others would see different ads targeted toward them based on their internet footprint and going on to declare "why would I worry".  YouTube had already sent out emails concerning these changes.  The email also detailed the creation of a $100Million fund to help channels during the transition.   @PhiI  should have received this email.  It would be a good idea if he perhaps 'starred' emails from YouTube that they not disappear into the void of his Hotmail Spam folder and by doing such would be able to be informed on policy changes.  These most recent changes to be rolled out will most likely only affect his Minecraft videos or any videos of games 'rated E for everyone, E+10 and Teen*'.  They are, however, true and will be implemented after a transitional period of three months as stated in the email YouTube sent out to all channels.  Other parts of the changes will not affect @PhiI as he does not have sponsors, targeted advertisements or comments enabled on his videos**.  While it is recognized that @PhiI knows next to nothing about the many changes that have occurred on YouTube over the past decade, Channels dedicated to producing content targeted at children abound.  There is even a special category with an app for these videos named YouTube Kids ( https://youtube.com/kids/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhvHauIrC5AIVxJyzCh2-oAexEAAYASAAEgLSnfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds )  Truth In Advertising, a Connecticut non-profit that seeks to protect consumers from advertising and marketing that deceives people, filed a complaint with the FTC on Aug. 28 against the channel RyanToysReview with it's estimated $22Million yearly earnings in a separate FTC complaint that YouTube addressed in their mass email as well as the ** quote.***  Both stories have been widely reported on outside of the email sent by YouTube itself. I will not include links to them as a simple Google search I feel will suffice.  That @PhiI was unaware of this is baffling. It is hoped that this post will help to inform all parties on this matter and that any who would be affected would do their due diligence to delve into the matter during the 'grace period' YouTube outlined in their mass email to all content creators.   When one's income is derived from online media content, it would be a smart decision to stay abreast of the industry news and trends outside of one source , social media ( Twitter ) 


**Around the end of this year, YouTube will, in effect, start treating all views of kids-directed videos on YouTube as if every watcher is an actual child, regardless of the viewer's real age. That means it'll limit the data it collects on those views to the bare minimum -- only what's "needed to support the operation of the service," YouTube said. 

YouTube will also halt kids-oriented videos from having personalized ads, comments and notifications. And it'll require that uploaders tell YouTube when their videos are directed at children. Most of the changes are required by the FTC settlement. One measure -- YouTube tapping machine learning to help police videos being classified correctly for kids -- goes beyond what the FTC requires. 

(Source:  https://www.cnet.com/news/youtube-170m-fine-kids-video-policy-changes-google-settle-ftc-investigation/  )

** * (Source:  https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/youtube-ryan-toysreview-federal-trade-commission-truth-in-advertising-complaint )



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