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Addressing critics : do's and don't

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Not seeking to be banned, but....

@PhiI saying that because you have been able to carry on for ten years might not be the best response to folks who offer legit criticism . You started streaming on Twitch in 2013.  LOTS of things have changed since then. To be honest, everyone knows that you know very little about either Twitch, YouTube or how the world in general has changed in the last decade.  Knowing this, it would be best if you took a step back before going on rants baited by folks who know you;re going to comment on things you have outdated knowledge about and they can use to make you look bad.  This could be easily fixed by putting n a modicum of time reading trade publications to keep abreast of the news an trends related to your 'business'.  


Denoting every contrary opinion voiced with a BAN does not serve to grow your Brand as new viewers you may wish to foster as return viewers are better served by not being summarily banned on their first day for having names that are felt to be a slight ( Twitch is Millions of channels and multi-Billions of users.  Not every name you might think is as a slight against you means it is) and not every new follower who types something you don't like isn't a "detractor"  Hate to say it, but get over yourself.  Twitch is so much larger than your channel of 400 viewers.  One would think the last WoW where 6 folks showed up but only three hung around would have taught You a lesson.  

As far as addressing critics:

1) Know what you're talking about.

If you don't don't pull facts out of your ass as it is a different world than it was ten years ago.  As you said a simple Google search can Dox folks on the forums.  Not your fault, being such a neophyte but sorry, but YOU are 100% t blame by poking the bear you alone awoke by declaring  her as " undoxxable" and gloating over how safe "she was due to her having stopped posting on"Social Media" and after one pic posted on Instagram she was doxxed in less than `15 mins should have taught folks something.

Pro Tip: Don't Poke the Bears, but if you do don't blame others should it blow up in your face.

2) Know your soapbox:

You may find that you "have to lie to protect your family"  Granted not many take it to ..lvls....seen.  \

PweDiePie with 100 mill subs most likely has 10mil of then being  trolls.  He told his fans he WAS going to get married, just not the day...for his easily researched wedding having spent 800thousand + just to rent the space.   License , flowers, catering and photos not included to have his wedding at  the world renown Kew Gradens with a Honeymoon in Bali .


I guess @PhiI has his reasons for both lying to everyone for months.  I believe he recently said that it was to "protect his family".  While I am sure he believed this was necessary in his own mind one cannot help mirror much larger YouTubers who did not feel the need to lie about their wedding or adopting pets:


While @PhiI adopted a desirable declawed kitten , PewDiePie adopted a one eyed adult dog who most likely would have gone without a loving forever home. 



But it is not only this one streamer adopting an adult pet that might not be adopted by other people :

(Spudgy was 4 when he was adopted, blind in one eye as well with numerous other problems ( hips, heart and jaw ) known about at the time of adoption) 

https://youtu.be/8Cogn6x3o78?t=300  RIP- In Memory of Spudgy: 2004-2018

 2)Don't bann dissent or assume to know more than the person in chat. 

3) Listen to what folks have to say

4) Don't call criticism an attack.  Ten years on YouTube should have grown a thicker skin so refrain from banning every comment that might not fall in line to the narrative as that is a noob/SJW thing to do.  Most folks might want to help,

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1 hour ago, ElectricSheepDreams said:

Not seeking to be banned, but....

Well thats exactly whats going to happen. I don't get why people take 25-30 minutes to type up these long essays of the reasons they don't like Phil when it takes about .2 seconds to delete it and ban you. 

If you want Phil to change, close your wallet and stop watching him. 

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