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people philip or mods should ban

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so im afraid i dont know american time but these are people i caught just before the brake that started at 10pm GMT

bananaroma8366 -detractor stuff
burplover420 (1 month sub-100 bits) - bait and detractor quotes
radomguy253 -detractor stuff
sackthejack-detractor stuff
iamtheburntoyourell-Just trash typeing meme stuff 1 word at a time
jamel100: "Hellooo from the begginnng siiddeee""Big ups wendy's chili" 
JCL_50 -wings meems resonably toxic


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"people philip or mods should ban" What is this?

Just let the moderators do what they're supposed to do, there's no need for a ban-request thread at all, or for viewers to start policing the chat.

What Phil should have is an unban-request thread, to stop flooding his inbox.

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6 minutes ago, GLOVEZ123 said:

what do you mean what is this i think its pretty obvious

Hard for moderators to do what they are supposed toi do if they are away isnt it?

i would of thought it would be

It was just rhetorical.

Then just inform Phil that his moderation team lacks enough members, so that he gets more people in there too. I think I saw someone requesting it, that was a fairly long time fan. The point is that having this type of thread is really a bad idea. It can look efficient to you, but it's not a good look specially when some people already complain about the moderation sometimes. With this, now the feeling of being in chat is going to be more tense than it was, (for everyone, not just trolls), if anyone can submit ban-requests.

Just let the mods do their 'job', which part of it consists in showing regularly, that's one of the reasons they were chosen. If you want to somehow participate in this, then apply to be a moderator to Phil.

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@GLOVEZ123are you new? are you 10 years old?

17 hours ago, GLOVEZ123 said:

 -detractor stuff
- bait and detractor quotes
-wings meems resonably toxic

this is normal everyday stuff that even long time fans do constantly

if you had to point out every troll and everyone posting detractor stuff you would have to post 50 people every day

17 hours ago, GLOVEZ123 said:

wings meems resonably toxic

I'm curious what wings memes are theses supposed to be, look here look listen, try appearing offline?

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