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Halloween Horror Gaming Marathon 2019 - Nominations Poll!

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Hello! Please use this thread to post up your nominations for horror-themed/scary/ghost-involved/etc. video games for the upcoming Halloween 2019 Gaming Marathon event!

As usual, some basic criteria apply:

1. It must not be a game I've already done a full playthrough of, UNLESS it has some kind of variable to it to make it different from the first run.

2. It must be a game that is readily and easily available to be played on a modern console and/or PC; for example, it must be readily available on PSN/Xbox Live/Nintendo Shop/Steam as a downloadable game on Xbox 360/One, PS3/4, Nintendo Wii U/Switch, or PC. A PS2 game that is able to be purchased from PSN is eligible, but a game that would require the actual PS2 hardware to play, would NOT be eligible!

3. The game should have some kind of horror element (ghosts, monsters etc.) but it does NOT have to actually be scary to be played. For example, I'll definitely be playing Luigi's Mansion 3 during this event, and that game isn't scary at all!


This thread will remain open for approximately 3 weeks, and then the voting will begin! The games with the most votes will be played during my Halloween marathon, which takes place ON Halloween this year! Thanks and good luck!

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Grabbed by the Ghoulies: Has it via Rare Replay on XB1.I just want to see Phil do the funny faces while singing the super cheesy and catchy theme song.

Super Ghouls N Ghosts via Switch(no use of rewind mode): Short game but super difficult and has the Hallowern theme going for it. Has the rewind ability so he can actually finish it but obviously i would advise against the use of it.

Manhunt: I enjoy this game but I know Phil hates it but he's getting to some good and rage inducing parts.


Phil owns all three choices so no need to spend money.

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