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Viewers's Choice Event Nominations Thread - January 2020!

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Peter Jackson's King Kong (Xbox 360 game is compatible with the Xbox One) Yup, voting for the game again.

Fire Emblem 3 houses Metroid Prime 2 Danganronpa v3 Eh who cares.. nothing i want to watch ever win anyway

I took the liberty of making a tally of the nominations so far, just to give an overview: Notes: In the case where they specified with: "any version of the game", the vote was added

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On 12/31/2019 at 2:45 PM, Pancake23 said:

Terraria ( xbox one or PS4 ) - It would be a great game for chill streams

Lisa: The Painful ( and get good ending by not taking the drug called 'Joy' ingame) - A really fun and unique RPG on Steam. Also, it's pretty cheap to buy


I also nominate these. Lisa is extremely under rated imo, and Terraria I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned sooner given the success Phil has had with Minecraft.

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16 hours ago, Another_Derich said:

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid 

I vote for that as well 


18 hours ago, MoraMoria said:

People want to see him struggle, (because that would mean there's some type of decent challenge, it wouldn't be with save-states), making the playthrough more fun and feel more like an accomplishment.

I understand but it gets to the point where the struggle becomes boring to watch, for example, the repeated fails in the same stage in Super Mario 64. 

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37 minutes ago, LastRambo341 said:

where the struggle becomes boring to watch, for example, the repeated fails

That's no different from current playthroughs.

17 hours ago, Osium said:

Do you honestly want to watch him play a game that he obviously did not like?

People only want to see Phil suffer, btw Dakky agrees with him.

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19 minutes ago, LastRambo341 said:

Does not mean that if there is a solution, we do not use it. Sure, let him fail 10 times, but after that, use the save state. It will save us all the trouble. 

I mean "becomes boring to watch, for example, the repeated..." is no different from Pokemon, Shenmue and FF6 playthroughs. At least watching him fail repeatedly is watching him doing something.

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The 7th Guest 

Day Of The Tentacle (Sequel to Maniac Mansion, I think better of the two!)

Star Trek "A Finality Unity" - Really great game, closest to the TNG show experience as far as games.

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Has anyone said Tales of Symphonia?

Phil barely got into the game and stopped if my memory is correct. No idea why he never played through the whole thing, it's one of the best JRPGs of its era and the best Tales of game.


Nominate and vote for Tales of Symphonia!

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