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Concerning the State of Phil's Reputation

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I was watching a youtube video from the FGC translated channel that shows Diego Umehara talking about "weak characters". In the video he plays a FANG player in SFV, patiently trying to understand his the opponent. DSP is never mentioned in the video, yet I found this thread in the comments. 


1:57 DSP: "D00d! What am I supposed to do about that! That's totally broken! Online combos!" LTG: "Nope. disconnects I don't respect players who do that. You're not getting a win against me. lay someone I can beat-er, I mean, that I respect." Daigo: "This....I wonder what I'm supposed to do against that." That approach is why Daigo is great and people like DSP and LTG aren't.


If it were actually DSP he'd say "PFFFTTT WHATEVER MAN THAT'S BULLSHIT!" and then beg for more donations.


It is alarming to me how many people bash DSP without ever going to the source himself, forever led on by the nugget of truth the smeer channels post. Phil needs to hire a PR team or something to handle this before it's too late, I hear this kind of rhetoric all the time in random places. This toxic reputation is spreading...

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