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March 2020 Viewers' Choice Games Nominations Thread!

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1) Hard Time prison simulator. It's a free game that has versions for both the PC and mobile. Either is fine. Description: Create your own inmate by selecting unique wrestling moves and atta

NFS (Need for Speed) Heat, it just came out in November and I've heard it's the best NFS in a decade

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2 hours ago, GoldenColts said:

Its kind of janky that you are allowed to nominate unlimited games. lets people just scattergun votes across multiple games while conscientious people who show up to nominate one or two games they think are perfect for a playthrough are nerfed

I agree, last event had 174 nominations, and DK64 ended up winning. It's ridiculous.

Previous list:



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It won't let me make a poll under a topic that was already created.

My choices are:

LucasArts "The Dig" on Steam

Id Software "QUAKE" on Steam

Cyan "Riven" on Steam

Playdead "Limbo" on Steam

The Dig is like an action adventure, point and click puzzle game. Since you've done Monkey Island, it would feel familiar. Puzzles can get a little tricky.

QUAKE, of course, you know that one.

Riven you know about.

Playdead, those are the same guys that made Inside. Limbo is a title that came out before Inside and would also feel pretty familiar to Inside.

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Hollow knight: Voidheart edition

Possibly the best game of this generation. I would even offer to buy the game for you just so you would play it. It’s challenging but not so challenging you can’t overcome it, has lots of secrets, fun engaging combat, huge exploration. It’s different from anything else you play. 

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Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball 2

Super Monkey Ball 1+2 collection

Castlevania 3: Dracula's curse 

Escape From Tarkov

Deus Ex (2000)

Thief 2

Zelda II: The Adventures of Link

Pikmin 1

Star Wars: Racers Revenge

Castlevania 1

War Thunder

Ape Escape

Viewtiful Joe

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

System Shock 1

Kingdom Come Deliverance

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I'd like to nominate Iji. It's free, on the PC. Sidescrolling action game with some pretty deep mechanics. It's a lot of fun and I recommend everyone check it out if they have time.


Music is great, graphics are pretty basic but not bad.

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