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During today’s pre pre-stream a few of us were talking about Phil leaving his past streams up on Twitch as an on demand service. I think not having his videos on Twitch is a missed revenue opportunity. I could be mistaken but I have to believe if he were to attach several ads to his archived streams on Twitch it has to be better or close to the same content would get from his demonetized YouTube videos. Phil’s subs wouldn’t be affected by these ads and non subs watching them would be encouraged to catch the streams live for less ads or simply sub to his channel. Starting such an archive on Twitch wouldn’t necessarily be done to replace DSPGaming on YouTube either but to supplement it. I feel Phil might be leaving a nice chunk of change on the table by not doing this. Also moving forward as Twitch grows and evolves, having such an archive may really exponentially benefit him down the road. Additionally after several years now as a twitch partner it seems a bit off to me for Phil to be hosting his archived Twitch created content exclusively on Twitch’s only real competition YouTube and not on Twitch as well. If my puddin brain remembers correctly, it wouldn’t require Phil to do any separate uploading, he can just set it in his options to have his streams archived on Twitch. He may even be able to have the chat log included in said archive video thus making the Twitch archived video slightly superior to a Yotube version of the same content.

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That sounds like an idea, but I'm unsure if it would work because of some technicalities, and because I'm not a Partner, so I currently don't have certain information.

So, first of all, the audience from the archived content on Twitch would have to produce more revenue than if they were watching it from Youtube, because obviously if they watch a stream in one platform, they won't watch it in the other as well. Not sure how extra-lucrative that would be as it would drain views from the Youtube channel.

Second, you cannot have VODs on Twitch for unlimited amount of time, currently this is what they allow: "Extended VOD Storage: Partners have VODs stored for 60 days, vs only 14 days for Affiliates.", after that, they will be deleted. You can, however, make a "highlighted section" which will last "forever" and not be deleted, (theoretically, I've read some case in which someone lost such content because of some glitch in the website), but I believe they have a time limit, (I think it's 2 hours). Now, I'm not sure about the option about putting advertisements on highlighted clips, or if there's a limit that would make it worse than Youtube.

And third, would be about Phil's specific Partner's exclusivity clause in his contract. I believe these can vary from streamers, so only Phil knows, maybe he wouldn't be allowed to posts these clips on both websites in the same day? Or something like that, this is where me not being a Partner comes into place, and I've read some contradictory opinions on the Internet.

There may be other factors I'm not thinking of right now, but I'd think if Phil or any streamer in his position, could just click a button and make more profit as easily as that, they would've done it long time ago. Maybe @Phil can join this thread and explain the details for his situation.

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