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Fall Guys was Excellent

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I haven't always been the biggest fan of Phil's work and lately felt he was not having fun and or just reading the chat for advice on the game which has taken away from the viewing experience and has turned me off from tuning into his streams. Fall Guys was a different story however, I can genuinely feel Phil having loads of fun and loads of laughs at his blunders or victories(The bold move of finding the path on that minigame is LOL). Yeah it might be a redundant game but as a late night stream, I really feel like DSP needs this because there was a very fun vibe yesterday that he hasn't really touched lately in his play throughs. Just seemed like a true nonsensical fun game and Phil still has to go get that 1st ever win so there is still incentive to be played here. I think these type of games really play well to Phil here and say what you want if he's over the top crazy but he's genuinely having fun so far with this and I really enjoyed the stream yesterday and actually want to see him play more of this. 

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It was OK. It's disappointing the game lacks challenge and is very repetitive. Unfortunately that's not much different from other games he plays.

Good for him if he enjoys is. But it only happens if the game is very easy. Wouldn't you watch someone else if you wanted childish over reactions and acting like a clown to attract children?

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Just now, WorthIts said:

In all fairness with his crazy detractors dossing him and trying to ruin his streams it makes sense why he wouldn't.

Or maybe playing video games for 10 years to make more money than the average american household and not have much to show his dedication to the community other than a sea of burnt Golden Gate bridges.

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