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3 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

That's a good one.

At least there are no puzzle bosses.

He might actually like it. It's short and easy with graphics. But he will never get to try it because it's an indie and not a triple A game. His main audience wants to watch games for children and big releases.

I played for a while now, and I'll be honest I dont think he could finish it.

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2 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

You think Superblindman is a fan of Phil because he keeps explaining what's happening on screen?

No. I've seen part of Superblindman's streams and he often seems to know what is going on just fine. Phil explains speeches and summarizes cutscenes that just happened. From what I've observed from Superblindman, he doesn't really need to hear those explained since he can listen to them and very rarely asks what is happening on screen.

As for the appeal of the game, I assume its just a story that some people will like and the appeal of a "choose your own adventure"/"choose your speech/dialogue" options kind of thing. It isn't typically for me but I can understand why others will like it. That tweet surprises me though because for the limited time that I was in Phil's stream, he seemed to be mocking and nitpicking things more than anything else. I didn't get the impression that he or the chat enjoyed it.

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