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Would you trade your job for Phil's? I wouldn't.

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Many would think playing video games everyday and making 6 or 7 thousand dollars a month doing it is a dream job. You don't have to take a shower to go to work, you play all the latest games, you can take multiple breaks, it sounds like the life. One thing this pandemic has showed me is how BORING it is to just stay in your house all day everyday. Luckily for me when the coronavirus hit I just set up an office at my house and worked from home, but even with that incentive, it is the most bored I have ever been in my life. Then I thought about Phil. Who has done this for 10 years. Has no friends. And spends a large amount of time getting trolled. I couldn't do it. One, because I would be embarrassed to show my family & friends the dick, cock, and ass jokes I must make to entertain a stream full of children at that age. No slight to Phil, but it's not something I would do for a paycheck. Second is the fact that I couldn't keep an adult friendship, at 35 - 40 years old people are grown adults at that age with families and lives, being a streamer to mostly kids, not only would I stunt my own growth in maturity just from hanging around kids too long, but adults wouldn't understand and think I am immature myself. 

There is no way I would directly trade spots with Phil, and with him having no other plans to do anything else in the future, I actually pity him. Would you trade spaces with him?

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Your post seems to be a mix of asking about Phil's job and Phil's life. The job would be fine because the amount of money and amount of time worked is fine. Its the lifestyle of barely leaving the house, no friends, no social life, and things like that. I don't think I'd take it either way. I don't want to play games for work and enjoy the benefits I get from an office and not being self employed as a video game streamer.

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