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Sept. 2020 RAGE-A-THON Games Nomination Thread

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Hello! Please post up your suggestions/nominations for games to be played in the upcoming RAGE-A-THON Marathon event, tentatively scheduled for late September 2020, here!

Some suggestions:

-I'm far more likely to play a game that isn't a full retail/$60 purchase, as these games will only be played for 1.5 hours or so during the marathon event, and aren't guaranteed to be played again

-Games that are not easily obtainable (i.e. a PS1/2 game that isn't available to download on PSN) are way less likely to be played

-Suggesting games I've repeatedly said I'm not interested in is likely a waste of time. In addition, since I'm only playing 90 minutes of them, it's likely I won't get to anything that's rage-inducing anyway (for example, the first 90 minutes of Code Vein will be far too easy, and I've already played Street Fighter V tons of times with zero rage, despite the fact that people keep nominating it over and over)

Good luck!

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Battletoads! Rare Replay version Super Meat Boy Godhand Manhunt (Just cause I know Phil doesn't wanna play it lmao)  

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Based on the restrictions it seems MP will be the fastest to annoy


Jak II - can get a rise out of him pretty fast in that 90 minutes

UFC 3 MP - definitely got some rage out of him last time; I'd vote for 4 but thats nearly full retail price and probably not going to be selected

The Quiet Man - a shitty game that will annoy him right from the start

CoD MP (NOT Warzone) - obviously gets him upset pretty fast

Mortal Kombat MP - salty matches

Street Fighter on Switch - gave great rage moments

Doom Eternal MP


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2 minutes ago, HipsterinSeattle said:

Yet you vote for Code Vein, which Phil has said 100,000 times that he doesn't want to play and Souls games that he has no interest in playing again for a while. Waste of vote

Obviously a game he doesn't want to play is going to be rage inducing if enough people vote for it and want to see it. You asking him to play a godawful boring game during a rage-athon is counter productive.

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