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Halloween 2020 Costume Voting Thread!

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20 hours ago, CinderFallfromRWBY said:

I really don't know what video game character he should be

i'd say either 9S from Nier Automata or someone from danganronpa

Not like you get to choose which one he will be anyways. He picks the costume in whichever category wins so people who are angling for a very specific character have a good chance of not getting it.

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Barry Burton?

The one in the image? If that's the case, It's more than possible that they're voting for that one because it takes the least amount of effort, just look at the image. He just needs to put another vest and that's it.

It's most likely a "meme" choice to me, but it isn't that funny. Probably waiting on people to repeat that Phil is lazy, and get insulted by the same people for voting such effortless costume.


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1 hour ago, babymngaming456 said:

It's going to be Barry Burton because one idiot keeps spamming it. Like with The Quiet Man. What a great choice of a playthrough, time well spent.

Yeah, I've seen that guy keep cheering about Barry Burton when I've jumped into the stream a few times. I've never seen Phil correct that person to say that a specific character cannot be chosen so it wouldn't be shocking if that ended up being the choice... unfortunately.

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7 hours ago, DoodlyDread said:

Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice is a win. Come on guys - it's a perfect costume to wear - and people will be at awe... but also laugh at him, because I bet he will surely look hilarious in it. It's a win/win for fans and trolls!

Ok, but only if he wears it with the makeup.

Otherwise, put him in a GWAR costume.


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