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Halloween 2020 Costume Voting Thread!

Halloween 2020 Costume Poll  

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7 hours ago, DoodlyDread said:

Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice is a win. Come on guys - it's a perfect costume to wear - and people will be at awe... but also laugh at him, because I bet he will surely look hilarious in it. It's a win/win for fans and trolls!

Ok, but only if he wears it with the makeup.

Otherwise, put him in a GWAR costume.


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Video game costumes are not that great, in my opinion.

If it wins, I'm betting it'll be something like Sub-Zero, or Mario/luigi, maybe Link?


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3 hours ago, Beautifulbutterfly said:

Aswell as a camera but idk why you guys are expecting anything more then a cheap basic outfit lol

Well, if he's making a 1-day event while advertising it, (along with a poll), it better be something mildly interesting.

My mentality for Halloween if I decide to dress up, is "go big, or go home".

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