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Ask the King Ep. 84: NOW Dec. 24, 2020

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Hey Phil, I have been a huge fan of your content since I was 8 years old. Merry Christmas first of all and I was wondering can you explain what exactly happened to Cyberpunk 2077 because I played the game and I grew bored of it after a week and I know your still playing it but what do you think went wrong and turned out to be a buggy mess. 

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Hey Phil, merry Christmas


Here are my questions:

1 What are you having for Christmas dinner?

2 Have you picked out a Christmas outfit for Mister Jasper Kitty?

3 What are your thoughts on twitch banning the words "simp" "virgin" and "incel"? Do you think it will make twitch a safer place?

PS here's a bonus question for you: at what age did you stop believing in santa?

Thanks for your time, have a safe and merry Christmas my dood!

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Hey Phil,

Why don't you do any multiplayer stuff with the fans, such as doing the Christmas event you used to do multiplayer as? I think it is lame to think more about how the trolls or detractors will look to sabotage the event over rewarding loyal fans who have had your back throughout and it seems like you isolate yourself to playing with randoms over fans like you used to. I don't get the decision. No Jackbox, no COD lobbies, no Fall Guys team ups. Seems like a good way to build reputation with your audience and again rewarding their loyalty more than anything else. For every bad apple, there are plenty of people who enjoy your interaction with them. I say this as someone who played Overwatch with you a few years back and had a fun time with it.

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