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Phil should seriously consider leaving Seattle

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Cops are leaving in droves right now due to the Seattle politicians. There's tons of left wing extremists. The trolls could eventually sic leftists on him (showing them his old clips and etc.) and, as he always says, there would be nothing he could do. The police most likely wouldn't show up and the prosecutors would lock up Phil for a long time if he tried to defend himself.


Also, Phil complains about his expenses literally every single stream. The cost of living is way too high in Seattle and Phil can literally work anywhere, so there's no reason for him not to leave.

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That's insane‼ He lives in a Gated-community, and as far as I'm aware, leftoids are not immune to hatchet wounds. Plus, Phil has an above average reaction-speed for his age, they'll be down in mere nanoseconds. He's also well versed in law and legal matters, an absolute machine, with analytical skills beyond any prosecutor's imagination.

I just have this feeling... that our boy will be fine.


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