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What is DSP's long term goal?

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I feel like the wheels thing was written to start some jokes. Anyways, he either doesn't see himself in 5-10 years, or maybe he has a family member that'll hook him up for something.

That's the boring answer, if you want crazy, fun theories, then maybe he'll disappear without a trace, finally get rid of the goatee, change his name and start to workout... all to put the legend of DSP to rest, but not forgotten.

After moving to Malibu, he will open an italian-hotel where he will spend the rest of his days as the head-manager. Surfing the beaches of Cali during the day, drinking Limoncello at night, that is how this world will remember him.

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On 10/23/2020 at 9:38 PM, MoraMoria said:

that is how this world will remember him.

The world remembers him jacking off (not an insult), but on that topic... he seems content here he is and doesn't feel the need to reinvent himself on YouTube which would be the better play.

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Getting a job that pays the same as youtube/twitch is impossible because he has been out of the labor market for a long time and any employer that does an internet search will not hire him when they see all the mistakes he has made on the internet.

Dsp is in a cycle that will keep him going for a while longer. Detractors posting negative video clips about him are the reason why new viewers are checking him and decide he's not as horrible as the detractor's make him out to be.

One day his parents will pass away and give him enough financial security to move onto something different. Until then the detractor's will keep him in the spotlight and new people will send him tips because they will think he is a better guy than what detractor's portray.


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23 hours ago, Tahdel said:

Getting a job that pays the same as youtube/twitch is impossible


Thats the key here, DSP will NEVER find a job that requires the low amount of effort he puts into his streaming let alone one that pays close to 100K a year. I always say, I dont blame Phil AT ALL, imagine if you found a job that requires you to roll out of bed in pajamas and play games for maximum monetary rewards?  There is none. 

The gap in his resume is also an issue, as someone whose worked in recruitment before, all they care about is experience the amount of times I saw resumes passed over because of the lack of experience in the field. 

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