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Requesting to be unbanned so I can support Phil and the community.


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Hey folks I go by the name of SuaveSuperMutant on Twitch and I recently put in a request to be unbanned from chat. I used to frequent the tractor community but as of late began to realize and accept that DSP is a good dude and doesn't deserve all the crap thrown at him. I tried to sub to the channel but I think I have to get unbanned before doing so. I always enjoyed chatting with you all and hope DSP and members could accept my apologies. 


Jimmy (SuaveSuperMutant)

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13 hours ago, ColemanCreek said:

I used to frequent the tractor community but as of late began to realize and accept that DSP is a good dude and doesn't deserve all the crap thrown at him.

Are u trolling? Seriously I can't see how anyone who is/was a detrator can say this with a straight face. I've been watching for a few months and it took one session for me to see why people hate the guy. Only kept watching cause of the drama and the salt until the toxicity became too much for me.

If you are serious talk to Kinggoken for an unban or email Phill directly or do what most sane people do and make a soc account.

Or you can be an idiot and pay him $83 for an unban. LOL.

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7 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

Ask Onlyicedcoffee/DrTonyHuge, the most pathetic loser. A troll who donates thousands of dollars, just to get attention from trolls and bait Phil with troll cheers.

I don't get the guy. He should know detractors don't care. Maybe twitter detractors. A lot of them are idiots. But most trolls and detractors don't care. And even if they did, to spend all that money just to trigger a few idiots on twitter is just stupid. I just don't get "reverse trolls".

But what really gets me about the guy is that he calls Ninja a shill and continuously shits on Ninja but shells out how much money on Dsp. A guy who literally begs for money from the physically and mentally handicapped. I remember him just recently laughing at Ninja getting low views. I'm not a Ninja fan but you have to give people like him and dr disrespect their respect for pushing the culture forward. He really rubbed me the wrong way with that. You can hate on Ninja and Dr Disrespect if you want but don't shit on them while supporting a guy who literally threw his friends under the bus for a few bucks and has Nothing in his 10 years of content creation to show for it. Troll or not he's one dumb motherf**ker.

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57 minutes ago, TheSkyTruth said:

Do you think a person who will just sit and blow money on some internet meme is chasing women off him or has a large amount of friends to socialize with in real life? I bet the man is just another handicap with a trust fund.


From what I've seen in chat he has family. I think he said something about buying presents for the family. If it's true, godspeed to the little autist.

1 hour ago, TheSkyTruth said:

I've said this before. If you're busy in real life, you're not sitting in DSP's stream chat every day then reading KiwiFarms 6,000 page biography on the man. You just ignore the whole DSP sphere of autism. Only reason I am here is because the holidays and then its back to the airports and you wont see me again for months just like last time.

I've stopped watching Dsp but I do read the Farms and here obviously so I am a little bit of an autist myself, I'll admit that.

2 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

 Guy is willing to give a $60 tip to "troll" Phil. He has serious mental issues.

Yeah I saw that. I watched the end to see if he reached the tips goal and saw the $60 Tip. OIC can't be a troll can he? He's gotta be a legit fan at this point. Tipping $60 to troll DSP is asinine. You a fan if you tipping that kind of money.

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4 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

From what I can tell OIC/DrTonyHuge is just another of the many guys with autism.

I get what you're saying but let's not act like we're Dr Phil and be diagnosing people. Yes a lot of DSP's fans are legit autistic and wheelchairs but still let's not throw it around to everyone. LoL.

4 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

OIC even calls others whales and simps.

Yo that's so crazy cause I remember being in chat not too long ago and he got angry at someone saying that this person has "a whole thread on kiwifarms about him". I think the guy was calling him a whale or something. I just found the exchange so funny because it felt like he legit thinks he is better than DSP's fans. The only thing that separates him from any other whale is that he at least was smart enough not to set up his account with his personal info and people just don't care enough to go through the hassle. But yea it's obvious he likes the attention. If this gets his e-dick off then all power to the little autist.

4 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

He hates Phil, finds his streams boring, but he will do huge tips for boring games because he thinks he's trolling someone.

He does? How do you know this?

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12 minutes ago, babymngaming456 said:

Talks shit and makes fun of Phil, like the trolls do. (Kinda like the mods.) Phil even had to warn OIC because the cult losers were stalking him and reporting what he said to their Lord.

No, I know he talks shit about Phil and his community but what I meant when I asked "how do you know?" is, how do you know he finds Phil boring did he say so?

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13 minutes ago, TheSkyTruth said:

Everyone is a troll in DSP isLAND. The only ones who aren't have some kind of disability. I am not exaggerating either. Even Phil himself is a troll and as of late has been blatant about creating drama just to produce a boost of income from idiots on both sides.

Yea this twitter thing he's doing is really annoying. He's been doing it for a while but it's gotten worse since his awful take on Copyright. Now it's just obvious he's chasing twitter drama and twitter trolling, which I don't have a problem with per say, just as long as you don't complain when the same is done to you.

The guy who is not mr.views or mr drama is now obviously chasing views and drama. Keep that sh*t to the prestreams and leave it out of twitter Phill.

1 minute ago, babymngaming456 said:

He said or implied so. Once he fell asleep during Paper Mario because it was so boring. Said about other streams they are boring. Requested Phil plays an other game (like Tut did).

Yeh but that's not now tho. Paper Mario was just awful. He could've just meant the game(s) were boring and not Phil. Now if he said Phil was boring that would be something.

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3 minutes ago, babymngaming456 said:

Actually. The Twitter drama might be a perfect strategy for his niche. The toxicity, no self awareness, no common sense attract certain people. People like Rob, Vincent, OIC, Rosalinaflower, Merdok, Oneminuteman. People who identify with him. He doesn't need to attract a lot of viewers. He just needs one guy like Rosalinaflower, that's it. That toxic behavior will put off most people, but it's fine as long it attracts just that one special guy. Now, it also attracts people on the opposite side of the spectrum, Kiwifarms, Superhound.

Yea I know it works. It's just cringe. My thing is own it. Say what you will about LTG but he own his shit. If you're going to be a twitter drama hound just own it.

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28 minutes ago, TheSkyTruth said:

What gets me is the level of surprise from him when there is pushback from the bullshit he says.

Yes! Exactly. If you're going to be the King of Hate then be the King of Hate. But no he says some dumb shit on twitter and when there's push back he cries victim. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

It's obvious LTG and Dale are not the same person. Of course he's not like that in IRL. But it does say something about you as a person when you say transphobic and racist shit regardless of whether you mean it or not.

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