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How would you improve DSPGaming YouTube channel?


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I made a post like a few months ago and it got removed (no idea why I'm trying to help) but for a 190K subs, the channel has very low interaction. DSP spoke during his thanksgiving vlog about how he still cares about YT which is why I'm making this post, so I'd assume he'd still like to grow his outreach. 

For me, it has nothing to do with his format, there are tons of lets players who are successful who upload like this. YouTube is the king of growing audiences! it just doesn't reward spam uploads as a way to get in search rankings like it did it 2009 to 2012ish which is how DSP grew his audience in thefirst place. Its more based on watch time and engagement.



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1 hour ago, MoraMoria said:

do you expect any action taken as a result of our posts?

Yea, Mora said it perfectly. What do you expect when you do things like this? What do you hope to achieve by this?

4 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

By making good content people want to watch. No one wants to hear what stupid things Cmfool, Goldencolts, Yoshinolover, or Derich have to say. Or constantly stopping the game to explain mundane things that no one cares about. Not the mention playing games in the most boring ways possible.

If Dsp is serious about improving his channel then it really is that simple. Make the content fun for people to watch. Keep what the viewers want to see and leave out the rest. But this would require editing of course. So...



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1 hour ago, babymngaming456 said:

It's more about pointing out why DSP became shit, or speculating what could have been if he was mentally healthy. What else is there to talk about? His autistic Twitter drama? At least his last shitty take is getting viral, 13 retweets, 55 likes.

I figured. I'm just curious about @FloydMayweather opinion & point of view.

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DSPGaming is dead as a YouTube channel. At this point the best thing Phil could do with it is rebrand it as a full-on stream archive channel, stop breaking the streams up into multiple videos and just upload entire streams to it, and put a splash screen at the beginning of all of them saying "This is a stream archive! Catch me live at Twitch.tv/Darksydephil 6 days a week!" or something like that.

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2 minutes ago, babymngaming456 said:

OK, real answer. I don't want to watch the Youtube archive videos. But I still watch some streams. Why is that? I figured I like to read how the chat makes fun of him. I find it unwatchable without a chat.

That's actually a good idea. Phil's chat is the best part of his content. As I said before, accentuate the good. Minimize the bad.

6 minutes ago, babymngaming456 said:

He said he makes pennies off a video. He has 60k videos.

Tell that to the other guy. It should be obvious by now that I don't drink the kool aid.

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On 11/28/2020 at 11:46 PM, FloydMayweather said:

The new thing now is verifying if tips are legit or not, this made me close the video and move on. I've literally never seen another live streamer do this.

From what I understood, it appears that Phil also demanded someone to tell if they were the one that tipped or not, and doing so quickly, since he was waiting for an answer.

This is very rude to the person, even if you're also dealing with people who engage in chargeback-fraud.

The range of topics of conversation regarding the streams are getting thinner by the second, I feel like nothing of substance can be added anymore.

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1. Phil's on youtube's black list meaning he gets paid less for ads because youtube doesn't like it when he uses foul language.

2. His videos get less views because people restreamed his twitch streams on youtube and archived his streams on their channels before he can upload his streams in parts.

People are restreaming his twitch stream here right now.  


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