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Christmas 2020 Marathon Games Nomination Thread!

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Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure for the PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. It's a holiday game because it has some holiday worlds in the game. It's $15 dollars

Game Dev Tycoon - Phil should make his own games if he wants to criticize other devs. Seriously tho, it's got easy pick up and play gameplay and has a silly tone to it. Tetris Effect - Simple arc

Doesn't stop him from loving Bugsnax and Fall Guys, the most meme crap games.

4 minutes ago, babymngaming456 said:

Here's a guide how to play Among Us with friends.


Now you can play with people you trust (mods, Brian, Derich...), instead of making excuses.

The problem is he doesn't like the game itself. He sees it as meme crap and won't desire to try it at all

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If you liked Bugsnax, I feel like you would enjoy Outer wilds. Some wacky characters and one of the most interesting stories. That game had me intrigued from beginning to end.


It's an open world game where you explore your little solar system trying to uncover the big mystery of the game.

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