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UPDATE: Ask the King Ep. 85: NOW March 4, 2021

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Hey Phil, I have 2 completely different questions for this episode of Ask the King:

1) Would you ever consider playing both Double Switch and Night Trap again maybe when there's down time? Since both 25th Anniversaries are available on Nintendo Switch.

2) Did you ever go to Summer camp in the summer when you were younger? I sure did! I went all the time every Summer, We would do Arts & Crafts, playing games to earn points for our squads and there 4 different squads/teams, science experiments with Alka-Seltzer acid tablets, and my favourite the Field Trips like going to Woodie Woodchucks a local kids arcade for a very fun day earning tickets by using tokens and even going swimming at the swimming pool with friends I made from summer camp. 

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Hey Phil, I’ve been a huge fan of your channel since I was 8 years old and I’m now 19 years old. I have a couple things to ask you.

1. What are your most anticipated games for 2021 

2. Have you ever considered doing a video where you can give us your top most favorite movies of all time 

3. Also what games have you played in your life you were so excited for and they turned out to be disappointing. 

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Is the departure of Yoshinori Ono from Capcom good news or bad news for the Street Fighter franchise? Should the blame for the decline of the franchise in recent years fall squarely on him, or is he simply the fall guy for mistakes made by others at Capcom? Are you more relieved that he's gone, which could result in a new direction for the franchise, or are you more concerned that his departure could result in no more Street Fighter games at all?

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Taking semantics out of the equation, would you accept a 1 year contract with WWE to be a manager/GM? You’d make a bunch in the year but you’d have to be on the road a lot and take the occasional bump in a segment. 

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Dear Phil,

Got two questions for you, sir.


As a full-time streamer, you are constantly bombarded with a plethora of games. This means that you rarely have time to replay games or delve deeper into a game due to time constraints.

My question for you is the following: if you were not a full-time streamer, what games would you be playing? Would you take time to master different fighting games? Would you find yourself replaying or diving deeper into games you've previously done playthroughs of? If so, which game(s)?

The reason I ask is because I vaguely remember you expressing interest in certain games; however, you didn't go through with it because they didn't lend themselves to streaming or they didn't resonate well with the audience.


Would you be interested in checking out Fantasy Strike? It's a simple fighting game with an extremely heavy focus on fundamentals. It's designed by an ex-Street Fighter developer, and I believe it's free on PS5 for online play. I've been finding it hard to put the game down because it's so addicting.

One thing that I don't think you would like is that special moves are 1 button so they are spammable but also very punishable. I believe 1 button specials were intended so that players wouldn't have to spend hours practicing execution and instead spend more time honing their fundamentals.

Thanks for the content!


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Hey Phil, been a huge fan of your channel since I was a kid. I have a few questions to ask you:

1. When you were a kid what were your to go to movies to watch as a kid and why were they so good to you

2. Why do you think that the pre orders for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X were a bit of a mess

3. And what games are you most anticipating for the rest of this year

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Hey Phil i have a few questions i wanted ask

1. How did you get into street fighter and was there anyone that influenced you about going pro at all or was that your own choice?

2.  Which Video game studio do you think has been getting it right in terms of delivering content and story in there games?

3. How much is gaming contributing to your happiness?

4. What are you proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about?

5. Whats the craziest thing you've always wanted to do?

6. Did you ever watch The Marvel Action Hour which had Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man and Fantastic Four if so which one was your favourite and why?

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So This Has Been On My Mind Recently And I Would Like To Hear You Opinion On It.

Isn't It Weird That The Moral Busybodies Of The 80s/90s Complaining About Heavy Metal Music And The Satanic Panic/Video Games Corruption Of Children/Violent Rap Music etc... Have Completely Flipped And Now Are More Than Likely These  So Called "progressive" Or "Woke" Individuals Enraged At The Slightest Thing And Wanting Things To Be Shut Down Or Cancelled.

My Question Is Do You Believe This Will All Go Away Naturally Or Will The General Population Just Get To The Point Where They've Had Enough And Have A Massive Push Back Against It.

(i personally believe in a few years or decades time this sort of thing will completely change, whether for the better or worse is impossible to tell.)

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