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First Retrospective of 2021 Nominations Thread!

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Hello everyone! Please post up your nominations for YOUR favorite moments in my 12+ years as a content creator on the internet here in this thread! I'll be using these as a rough guidelines of what we'll be watching back during the upcoming Retrospective Marathon event, which will happen around the end of January 2021!

Some rough guidelines:

1. You may want to review previous retrospectives to make sure we didn't already watch back what you're suggesting!
2. All game playthroughs, vlogs, reviews and more are eligible, with a few exceptions:
-Nothing using copyrighted/licensed music (my old edited stuff pre-DSPGaming did a bit)
-Nothing including my ex
3. When you suggest something, include a link both to the video as well as suggested timestamps of the "good moments" you'd like us to watch back live on stream!


That's it! Thanks in advance and good luck!

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Hey, these are a few I've saved over the years. They are usually short. Most of them involve some randomness or unforeseen coincidence that results in hilarity. A few are just great fun to watch. Hope you'll find this selection as great as I do.

  1. An honest mistake in GTA: Vice City Stories (~30 seconds long)
  2. Fallout 4 outlaw (~60 seconds long)
  3. Attempt x7 finale at an aggravating mission in GTA: Liberty City Stories (~60 seconds long)
  4. Just a fun match in MvC Origins with DOUBLE FINAL ATOMIC BUSTER (85 seconds long)
  5. Someone forgot they were in Alien: Isolation (~60 seconds long)
  6. Glitched "pole weapon" in GTA: Vice City Stories (~80 seconds long)
  7. Evil negotiations in Fallout 4 (~60 seconds long)
  8. Fun in Injustice (74 seconds long)
  9. Spells in Ni No Kuni (~60 seconds long)
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starting at 16:27 to End



Start of video 0:00 to 7:00 but u can skip in between if it gets boring

then 11:10 to 13:05



0:00 to 3:50  this one was really your best , i know your throat took a beating from doing this but i and many other people loved this one .



11:41 to 13:27




10:40 to 11:50


i made sure to timestamp everything at the point you need to start watching so no having to fiddle with it. 

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Heya Phil! Here are a few suggestions

-        Street Fighter 4 First Impression (Darksydephil Channel)



-        DSP's Youtube Tips for Viewers: HD Edition and DSP's Youtube Tips for Viewers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqFTWKJMxFQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lEP56Kcql0

(You may need to skip around in these videos (both around 4 minutes) since they are a bit boring but they do show off your old room which may be interesting to talk about.) 

-         Make My Video: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch pt6 (final)


- Halloween Spooktacular -09 Part 2 - Viewer Mail 6 pt1   and  Halloween Spooktacular -09 Part 2 - Viewer Mail 6 pt2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrxwqomZBnw&list=PL7289E134FDFD4349&index=8   and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_fNOmHOxVE&list=PL7289E134FDFD4349&index=9




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Here are some of my nominations from your favorite moments in my 12+ years as a content creator on the internet here in this thread Phil!

Madden 12 - Superstar Mode pt1 and Timestamp is: 8:46 to 9:50, Origin of one your DSP Remix's 

WWE 2K14 Royal Rumble Sims - Anti-Heroes vs. Villains

WWE2K16 Holiday 2015 Sims: 30-Man C*(AOS! Fantasy Rumble Returns!

Deadpool playthrough pt10 and Timestamp: (4:39 to 6:13)  You get a special achievement 


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Old Phil stuff, you make a new song:

Timestamp: (00:13 - [End])

This one has a bit of music, but you sing over it for most of the time.

Timestamp: (02:01 - [End])

Timestamp: (01:46 - [End])

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Here's 10 of the best parts i seen in the dozens of playthroughs from Phil i already watched, i really hope there wasn't any covered in previous retrospectives :

14:24 violent death :

04:30-05:50 epic stomping rampage :

01:20 epic crash :

09:20 glitch and crash (also at the very beginning too) :

01:04:50 tragic death and nearly a 1 hour failed trip! :

09:10 venting frustration (until the very end) :

05:30 Very funny dialog line :

03:00 game poking fun at itself :

16:30 "disgusting" glitch :

03:25 glitched enemy? :



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More nominations from me Derich:

WWE 2K15 Royal Rumble Sim Matches - Paige/Natalya vs. Bella Twins and Timestamp: 15:24 to 17:32

Green Lantern Playthrough Setup

Double Switch playthrough pt1

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Multiplayer Gameplay pt8

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime 4-player playthrough pt1

SFxT - 1st Set Online MP Matches pt6


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Hi, i know some past dsp clips you can use on the retrospective :

1. Final Fantasy 10 2014 :


2. Supermario 64 2019 :

3.  Stranger Things videogame 2019 :


4. Dsp tries it Burger King Impossible Whopper vs. REAL Whopper June 2020 : 

5. Dsp Tries it Burger King Farmhouse Big King Burger November 2017 :

6. Ultra Street Fighter 4 2014 : 


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