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First Retrospective of 2021 Nominations Thread!

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Hi, i know some past dsp clips you can use on the retrospective :

1. Final Fantasy 10 2014 :


2. Supermario 64 2019 :

3.  Stranger Things videogame 2019 :


4. Dsp tries it Burger King Impossible Whopper vs. REAL Whopper June 2020 : 

5. Dsp Tries it Burger King Farmhouse Big King Burger November 2017 :

6. Ultra Street Fighter 4 2014 : 


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Derich here! I have got many more nominations for the First Retrospective of 2021! 

WWE 2k14 Holiday Sims - DDP vs. DSP HIAC w/special ref (Watch this entire match, I really enjoyed it inside HIAC!)

Sleeping Dogs playthrough pt1

Darkstalkers Resurrection Launch Day MP pt29 and Timestamp: 0:00 to 5:43

NBA2K14 (PS4) My Career Mode playthrough pt5 (This video is funny and hilarious)

COD BO: Call of the Dead Zombie Map Debut gameplay pt16 and Timestamp: (0:00 to 8:57)

The Gunstringer DLC: Wavy Man Chronicles pt2 (Timestamp: 3:44 to 8:27)



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Hey Phil it's Derich! I have many more Nominations for the First Retrospective of 2021!

Smark Guys Ep. 125: March 29, 2014 - Wrestlemania XXX Predictions!

The Hateful Truth Ep.25 - Back to the Future, the Video Game

The Week In Preview 12-24-12: Xmas Special, Fan Appreciation, Gaming Schedule and more


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Hey it's Derich! Here are more of my Nominations for the very First Retrospective of 2021! 

MKX Predator Launch MP gameplay pt12 - Slo-Mo Predators (mirror match)

New PC Day 1 Testing pt5 (The only time Phil ever booted up League of Legends)

New PC Day 1 Testing pt1

New YouTube Channels (2011) Walkthrough pt1

YouTube OneChannel Layout Setup pt1

YouTube OneChannel Layout Setup pt2

YouTube OneChannel Layout Setup pt3


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Hey it's Derich here again and I have more Nominations for the First Retrospective of 2021!

Tomodachi Life Halloween Special 2014 pt7 - The Big Finale! Spooky Musical Number FTW (Timestamp: 2:14 to 11:40)

Injustice DLC: Zod Multiplayer pt12

Injustice Martian Manhunter DLC Launch Day MP pt32

Injustice DLC: Zatanna Classic Ladder pt1 (Timestamp: 3:04 to 13:13, Phil loves the Zatanna Meme he came up with)



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There are a pretty sparse number of things being posted for this event and it doesn't even look like enough to even get halfway through the marathon. I'll be posting stuff as well so that the event will hopefully be lacking in filler and will be a true retrospective and not some event where we are promised a marathon but it dies several hours early. I'm aiming for a wide variety of stuff since many of what I've seen so far can feel similar to stuff from older events that the stream viewers didn't like.

I've also noticed that the clips here have little to no context and it is hard to know what the person wanted highlighted and to be shown to the audience even with the timestamps. The format for this post will be to give some context that can be given to the stream viewers before the clip is aired. The same way a late night show guest would set up a scene it is a good idea to set these up so it isn't just out of context stuff.

The number of scenes I was planning to put on here has been cut down since some of these suggestions work well in tandem or some scenes have a pretty decent length. There are bonus things to be viewed if the stream has some time but I'll make a distinction for the main stuff and for bonus stuff.

Call of Duty Salty Matches
Phil gets two back to back matches where he has a mental breakdown from what haunts him most in Call of Duty - snipers.

VIDEO TITLE: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 MP Jan. 11, 2019 pt5 - RAGE and DOMINATING Victories! (Final)
START: 18:00
END: 35:30



Call of Duty Fail
: Phil gives his sage advice and strategy to his teammates but fails to listen to it himself and becomes the death that causes the loss for his team.

VIDEO TITLE: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Online MP Session Dec. 31, 2020 pt1

START: 9:40
END: 10:45



Street Fighter Fei Long Rival
A tricky Fei Long rival teaches Phil a few tricks and is so troublesome that Phil forgets the fundamentals and tries to use a super with no meter. The origin or "reverse lag" and we hear more about speed abuse and the game running the wrong speed.

VIDEO TITLE: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo MP: June 14, 2018 pt17
START: 0:22
END: 2:00


VIDEO TITLE: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo MP: June 14, 2018 pt18 
START: 1:30
END: 3:15


Destiny Beta Troll
A troll meets up with Phil in a lobby during the Destiny Beta. Phil fights back.

VIDEO TITLE: Destiny Beta (PS4) 1080p gameplay pt11 - A Small Child Needs Trash Talking Lessons
START: 10:05
END: 11:05


Jak II Mission Failure
After spending a significant amount of time on an easy mission, Phil gets unlucky and flips out.

VIDEO TITLE: Jak II HD playthrough pt40 - Psychic Grenade Launchers
START: 9:00
END: 10:15 


Call of Duty WWII Zombies Bad Teammate
A co-op Call of Duty Zombies stream is put in jeapordy due to a selfish troll trying to get attention and show his e-dick.

VIDEO TITLE: Call of Duty WW II: Zombies co-op pt7
START: 11:00
END: end of video


VIDEO TITLE: Call of Duty WW II: Zombies co-op pt8
START: start of video
END: 8:45

A Troll Gets Put in His Place
After months of detractors finding their way back to chat Phil roots out the undercover detractor moderator and puts them in their place

VIDEO TITLE: Minecraft "Chill Stream" Aug. 9, 2019 pt1 - Better Late, Than Never!
START: 46:35
END:  end of video


==========================BONUS VIDEO==========================
VIDEO TITLE: Minecraft "Chill Stream" Aug. 9, 2019 pt2 - Betrayal, Preparation and Competition!
START: 0:45
END: 01:30

START: 20:50
END: 21:10

START: 38:25
END: 39:20

==========================END OF BONUS VIDEO==========================

Phil VS CrimsonSky87 Long Running Rivalry
Injustice online multiplayer brought Phil a new rival that he would struggle to overcome. The entire playlist is made by a stream chatter MyaTheBee but the videos in the playlist are directly from the DSPGaming channel. If time constraint is a factor first video or two should be good enough. This are the days of single matches being a video so the playlist is actually really short.

PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZWUU9fxFOcPxd841f5rT_GgnIHAiV6NL

Vocabulary Lessons With Phil
Phil tries to give his viewers an English lesson.

VIDEO TITLE: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout MP: July 10, 2019 pt2
START: 15:30
END: 21:00

Another Online Troll
Another troll forces his way into the co-op coverage of early PS4 launch being done by Phil and John Rambo. Phil and the usually even-tempered John Rambo show the troll who is boss when he can't take a hint.

VIDEO TITLE: PS4 Launch Day - DC Universe Online gameplay pt3
START: 3:45
END: 11:45


Phil Struggles Against A Cowboy
A hit scan, aim assist cowboy gives Phil trouble online but Phil doesn't exactly have the same luck when he wants to be a cowboy.

VIDEO TITLE: Overwatch Gameplay: August 21, 2016 pt4 - Mommy Buys McCree Overwatch
Entire Video


==========================BONUS VIDEOS==========================
VIDEO TITLE: Overwatch MP Sept. 26, 2016 pt7 - I. Hate. McCree!
START: 6:35
END: end of video



VIDEO TITLE: Overwatch MP: August 13, 2016 pt1 - Junkrat Isn't My Forte
Entire Video



VIDEO TITLE: Overwatch Gameplay: August 21, 2016 pt5 - The Return of Mei!
START: 0:55
END: 1:35

START: 5:10
END: 5:20


==========================END BONUS VIDEOS==========================

VIDEO TITLE: Overwatch Launch MP gameplay pt9 - Trying McCree Again
Entire Video



VIDEO TITLE: Overwatch Launch MP gameplay pt22 - How Does I Use McCree's Ultimate?!
Entire Video


A Powerful Nemesis
Phil faces off against one of the toughest bosses he ever experienced.

VIDEO TITLE: Resident Evil 3 (2020) HARDCORE playthrough pt6 - Clocktower Boss is Puzzle BS! RAGE TIME!
START: 43:08 (skip to 1:13:30 for the most relevant portion)
END: 1:17:30


A Long Elevator Ride
Stream chat leads Phil astray when he faces off against a tough boss.

VIDEO TITLE: Resident Evil 2 (2019) HARDCORE Claire Side B playthrough pt10 - Final Boss Gauntlet! (final)
START: 40:00 (the setup for this scene takes place at 34:20 to 34:25)
END:  48:05 (follow up to this scene takes place at 53:55 to 54:05)


Phil VS Trolls
Some people try to troll Phil but he gives it as good as he gets it.

VIDEO TITLE: Friday the 13th the Game pt3: Stalked! (By Jason and the Mentally Challenged)
START: 16:15
END: 20:30 (BONUS: to end of video since there is some more stuff in there)


Changing of the Guard
A detractor is caught red handed and chat gets informed about it.

VIDEO TITLE: Pre-Stream April 5, 2018: Final Nonstop New Release Day/Mod Changes
START: 20:55
END: 26:03

A Hero That Can't Beat Insects
DSP experiences a broken spirit while trying to defeat a boss.

VIDEO TITLE: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D pt101 - WARNING! Insane Twin Mold Boss RAGE (40+ mins)
START: 0:00
END: 20:00 (There is struggle and suffering up to the 30 minute mark of the video so this can be extended.)


Overwatch Gameplay Tips
An ironic video where Phil gives gameplay tips that he doesn't appear to be following in his own presented footage.

VIDEO TITLE: Overwatch Gameplay Tips 
Entire Video



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I'd like to nominate this video from 17:40 to 18:50: 


I don't know how to embed the link but this is the end of Phil's Sonic 06 playthrough, he was dancing at the end. 

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49 minutes ago, Kazkari said:

I'd like to nominate this video from 17:40 to 18:50

I don't know how to embed the link but this is the end of Phil's Sonic 06 playthrough, he was dancing at the end. 

I believe this is what you want:


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