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DSP vs Romance. Let's set the record straight once and for all.

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Following the recents rants spawned by Phil's rejections towards the dating quests in Yakuza 7,  Mass Effect 2 2nd Run, Final Fantasy 7 remake , or in general his reaction to games that present romantic-related gameplay mechanics or even HINTS of romantic situations involving the playable character, I feel like I should address this particular subject.


Phil, it's ok to completely avoid romance quest etc. I do that too. In most cases they're cheap cashgrabs. Most RPGs wouldn't sell half of what they do if they didn't have that aspect. I have my reason, you have yours.



I think you should know that the reason people roll their eyes when you come up with your rants is not what you think it is.

During those rants, you make it seem like those who enjoy and actively persue romance quests, they do because they physically and emotionally need it, when in reality, they're just interested in seeing where the romantic story goes, or just enjoy the possible comedic implication.

I'll admit that Japanese games have the tendency to go overboard with that, but normal people can enjoy that too while having a fullfilling romantic life. It's no different than a romantic plot in a movie: people don't watch romantic movies because they can't have that IRL: they just... like it.

Those who enjoy romantic situation in fiction don't really take it seriously.

You make it seem like, just because the game gives control over the situation, that players treat that as a substitute for a life they don't have.  All because it involves the playable character. Your position here is very ,very close to those who refused to play the old Tomb Raider games because that Lara was too sexy.


To further illustrate my point, this is what the debate looks like from the outside:

Chat: "'Yo Phil! Do that dating quest! It's pretty fun"

Phil: "Nope"

Chat: "Uh? Why?"

Phil: "I'm married."

Chat: "?!? We... have partners too? What does that have to do with anything?"

Phil: "When I was single maybe I would engage with those, but now I'm married, so I don't need that in my videogames"

Chat: "N- No one here needs it? Who do you think we are?"

Phil: "No, look, it's ok, really. I fully respect your digital kinks, but please respect my choice to not engage with it. I'm married, I have that, I'm good. You do you. It's ok. I fully support you."

Chat: "Uhhhhhhhh?!?!?"

Phil; "Ok, listen, it's very simple. You enjoy that kind of things, I don't. I'm not judging you"

Chat: "We're crackheads now!!?!"

Phil; "anyway, you enjoy that stuff, you have that mentality, and that's ok. You like fantasizing about dating these digital girls, I don't. Now you're pushing your mentality on me, therefore, you're being bigoted towards me!"

Chat: " ('= =)"



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There's nothing to clarify, I believe he does know all of this. This must be a psychological symptom, the kind of which that makes someone cover their eyes during a game-scene.

He gives reasons/excuses to dismiss such events in order to avoid that "stress" or feeling. This could be: what makes someone act in a contrarian way, (since he believes the original purpose of these missions is to appeal to lonely people, even if he knows that not everyone is necessarily that), a sense of guilt, disgust or inferiority, some form of somatopsychic disorder caused by some other things... and so on. I'll leave this here:



Maybe I'm being too pessimistic, but whatever. You're not getting a logical explanation on why he will not do such missions, because the root cause that prevents him from doing them is not logical to begin with.

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4 hours ago, MoraMoria said:

Maybe I'm being too pessimistic, but whatever. You're not getting a logical explanation on why he will not do such missions, because the root cause that prevents him from doing them is not logical to begin with.

Exactly. It's just dsp being dsp.

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This is one of the more amusing recent DSP-isms. I work and speak with adults who are happily in committed relationships and I have NEVER heard anyone say they don't do missions involving romance because they already have it in real life. In fact, it's not uncommon at all for people (often women) to really want romance in their media even if they are happily involved with someone. 

This sudden change happened when he went back home and got married, just like his "I'M A MATURE ADULT" phase did. I have 2 guesses as to why this is now a thing:

1) Kat (his wife, he's married) dislikes romance in games and has said as much, possibly even related to saying something like "I have love in my life, why do I need it in a game?" Phil just mimicked it.

2) It goes along with his "I'M A MATURE ADULT" schtick. He thinks MATURE ADULTS skip romance options/quests so therefore Phil, being a MATURE ADULT, also skips them. If you do care about them, then you must not be a MATURE ADULT in a LOVING RELATIONSHIP.

On 2/8/2021 at 2:26 PM, MoraMoria said:

You're not getting a logical explanation on why he will not do such missions, because the root cause that prevents him from doing them is not logical to begin with.

Pretty much this. He'll make a big deal about not doing them, come up with asinine reasons as to why not, then make it seem that everyone else is the odd one when it's really him having pretzel logic. As @planettenon4 pointed out, it's DSP being DSP. 

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Phil may just be skipping romance content for his own safety. In the past he would make offhand comments in those situations that would by todays standards be considered to be politically incorrect. By avoiding the romance situations altogether completely he decreases the chances of a verbal slipup to zero. But...

That's Just a Theory, A Game Theory

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It's okay that you chumps don't agree with Phil, but that just means you're not mature enough to comprehend his rationale. Phil is a mature adult with a wife who loves him and a family unlike you lummoxes so let me explain it to you. Phil is in a loving (and may I add, very concupiscent) relationship with a gorgeous woman so he doesn't need to masturbate to the chimera of an amorous existence with fictitious cartoon wives, he already has one.

Sir Dashurkaliderri, Knight of the Kingdom of Hate, Commander of the Grand Inquisition against the Detractors

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