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Halloween 2021 Gaming Marathon Nominations Thread!

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• Metroid Prime 2 -- (first hour of gameplay, arriving on planet Aether, is actually creepy) 

• Shadow Man Remastered -- (a game about the Voodoo occult and traversing Deadside to stop a sadistic ritual) 


• Necropolis -- (a rogue-like with a Souls flavor in which you must traverse a 7 floor pyramid to defeat an evil AI) 


• Luigi's Mansion 1


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I'm gonna nominate CATHERINE FULLBODY!!! It has halloween/horror elements and very unique puzzle gameplay and you can play a good deal of it within less than an hour. When you're in the bar you should rush out the front door so you can get to the first nightmare/level. You can talk to the NPCs and drink beer and stuff but its optional, and since there's only so much time during the event I don't recommend doing that. 


If you guys also wanna see Catherine Full Body then by all means nominate it too! Oh and did I mention it's a throwback to one of Phil's classic playthroughs from back in 2011?! I think the puzzle gameplay would be just enough rage to be funny but not annoying like SF5 or something aggravating like that.  

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