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im new here but been posting a little. found phil cuz of dead space 2 tho i think i actually watched some of his stuff on youtube over the years, been having a lot of fun watching the streams so i figured id check out what else phil was doing and found everyone here. very cool!



edit: oh and im from the pacific northwest, i game on a 7700k @ 4.8ghz with a GTX 1070 but also own a PS4 and XboneS and Switch and 3DS. I collect all sorts of video gaming stuff, my best find i think is a sealed pokemon snap for the n64 LOL but i have tons of old stuff too even if i cant figure out how to make it all work on my LCD TV

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I am Shadow. A name I created in 06 in the old days of RuneScape. I super love metal and video games and anime. Mainly dragon Ball super. I've been watching dsp since 2011 and never once agreed with anything those brainless bastard detractors. I only made an account here to post a question for the Thanksgiving ask the King.

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