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Favourite DSP Playthrough

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You know what, i'm just gonna go crazy and post top 5's for each year until now:

2008: 5) Mirror's Edge; 4) Resistance 2; 3) Web of Shadows; 2) Dead Space; 1) Fallout 3

2009: 5) Arkham Asylum; 4) Modern Warfare 2; 3) Infamous; 2) Assassin's Creed 2; 1) Fallout 3 Optional Missions

2010: 5) Fallout New Vegas; 4) Alan Wake; 3) Heavy Rain; 2) Indigo Prophecy; 1) TV Superstars

2011: 5) Catherine; 4) Rise of Nightmares; 3) Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney; 2) Skyrim; 1) Rayman Origins

2012: 5) Silent Hill 2; 4) Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games; 3) Star Wars Kinect; 2) GTA 3; 1) GTA Vice City

2013: 5) Bully; 4) Deadly Premonition; 3) Tales of Xillia; 2) 30 Years of Wrestlemania; 1) Super Mario World

2014: 5) Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games; 4) South Park and The Stick of Truth; 3) Justice For All case 4; 2) Layton vs Wright; 1) GTA Vice City Stories

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Battlefield 1941 from 2010, i think that was the year.

it was immersive, i felt like i was playing the game, the map was huge and it felt free.

it was an adventure, never knew what would happen next, would he find ammunition? would he get ambushed by the japanese? would that tank rolling by see him hiding in the bushes? its was a "live" adventure.

i would compare it to todays arma2 mods, the one with the zombies where you have a huge map and limited supplies and if you die you lose everything.

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Phil's first Fallout 3 LP. That's the LP that got me hooked, it was funny and him being drunk made hilarious commentary. I'm actually just now finishing the last few videos of his second LP of it and I'm already thinking I would like him to go back again. That might be hell for him to pick up the game again and probably won't, I was thinking he could role play a little, like play only a certain style, like always use stealth or guns blazing and play as a good guy or be a total jerk.

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My favourite playthrough was probably Black Mesa.  Nothing to do with the 'bugged jump mechanic' fiasco, I just thought the game itself was super varied and entertaining and gave him a lot of material to work with and react to, and there was the 'fish out of water' element of playing a pc game.  Also enjoyed RE4 and Oblivion.  Funnily enough FFX was one of my least favourite despite taking place at the same time as RE4.

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I thought Bully was one of the most fun ones.  I feel like RPG-ish, semi open world games tend to match up with his personality and playstyle well, as opposed to, say, hardcore stealth games, which aren't his strength.

I also enjoy his sports game playthroughs, although I may be in the minority there.  I still laugh when I think about "THEY BENCHED ME AND WE LOST" in his first NBA playthrough.

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